Paradism is a political system similar to communism, but without any proletariat. In a paradist system, robots and nanorobots take the place of the proletariat or labor force. Paradism is based on new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology. It underlies that robots, nanobots, and computers replace the proletariat and all forms of human labor.
Paradism will have to be accepted democratically by a population that will have understood the advantages of a world without money, where everything will be available for free to everyone. From then, the world will become an earthly paradise. This is the reason why such a system is called “Paradism”.

The work for the robots, the pleasure for the humans

Paradism is the perfect solution to the world’s economic and financial problems and it is based on new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. It underlies that robots, nanobots, and computers replace the proletariat and all forms of human labor.

Nationalization of profits and production

When all tools, services and resources are produced without the contribution of a single human being, they will have to be entirely nationalized. The nationalization of all production, services and tools provided by robots will make money obsolete, since robots do not need to be paid a salary, and all products made by them, as well as services rendered, can then be free.
Communism failed because of the proletariat who, without the incentive of economic gain, made their work less effective. With the automation of production, this problem will no longer exist, as computers and robots can be programmed to be totally efficient and achieve higher levels of productivity than humans, not needing to rest, sleep or go on vacation. This nationalization must also involve land and homes, with the exception of the family home.

Elected representatives and political choices at the service of citizens

In a paradist system, the elected politicians are dedicated entirely to humanity. They receive no economic or power advantage. Paradism must be democratically accepted by a population that understands the advantage of a world without money, where everything is free for all. For example, robots are already producing cars all over the world with little manpower, and this too will soon be completely replaced by robots. The same goes for food. Vegetables produced on plantations will be harvested by robots thanks to technology that already exists. Robotized trucks will be able to distribute products directly to consumers, who will choose what they want by computer. All services will be provided in exactly the same way. For example, robot surgeons are already doing surgery with greater precision than a human surgeon. Anything a human being can do, a robot can do better.

Towards a civilization of leisure and creativity

Instead of just working for money, people can leave all the work to robots and use their lives to do what they love - create, do research and study, practice arts, or meditate and achieve their own self-development. Under these conditions, the world can finally reach the level of paradise. That is why this system is called Paradism.

Towards the road to paradise on Earth

This is the only possible way forward for humanity. It is a process that leads to globalization (nationalizations on a global scale). Nationalization in a paradist process naturally leads to a Planetary Government; and in this case, the globalization of all resources is a matter of simple justice for all mankind.

Overcoming the milestone to the earthly paradise

This system represents a mandatory choice for humanity within the process that will lead to globalization. Nationalization, within a paradist system, will naturally lead to a Planetary Government in which the globalization (i.e. the nationalization on a worldwide scale) of all the resources of the planet will be a matter of mere justice and equality for all humanity.

An economic crash shows its face; let’s avoid it together

An economic crash shows its face; let’s avoid it together
Promoting this idea all over the planet is the goal we set ourselves for the next twenty years. Either way, Paradism will come soon. But the sooner it happens, the better it will be, in order to avoid the sufferings caused by the economic crises that will become more and more terrible and devastating, considering the failure that all the current global economic and financial systems are facing.
The “Paradism Project” was inspired on September 30, 2009, by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement.

Science is love. Science demystifies. Science saves.

The future that awaits us is wonderful! The future is science and spirituality, together, as it should have always been. And in fact, the future for humanity can only occur if we can consistently raise our level of spirituality to match our level of technology. The future holds unimaginable treasures for humanity. No disease, no hunger, no suffering, as science can solve any problem. Science can explain anything: from the taste of different foods to love itself, as love is also a product of science! Science will make us live the greatest dream of humanity, the dream of a paradise.

A new human being is about to be born, thanks to science, in a world where the whole universe will belong to him, where we could go live if we find the planet we want. It is not a utopia, since science must always be free. We do all we can to support science, because science is the secret to a better life on Earth, for a better understanding between the races and peoples of the planet, as well as for the progress of humanity, as many people are now suffering. People are starving and at the same time we spend billions on weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction have been around for a long time, we have thousands of them and there is no law against it. Strangely, in the other hand, the legislation was very fast in Europe against cloning. They are afraid of what they don’t know. These politicians are very primitive. But there is no law against something we know well that was tested in Hiroshima, Japan. We know how devastating it can be but there is no law against it!

We live in a truly strange world, but science will eventually prevail. Public opinion is the victim of primitive leaders. We must understand that science on this small planet is still very primitive; we have little more than one century of science, which is almost nothing. Everything we think we know, we then discover in later years that it is false. Why? Because there is one technology and one science that is more important than the others, it is computers, they are very important. Computers allow every science in the world to progress. Without computers and computing, we would still be thirty or forty years behind technologically. Why computers? Because the power of computers is doubling every year and this will bring a revolution that is unimaginable to the old men who rule the planet today and who are fossilized in their traditions.

The choice comes down to being for or against science. People who are against science are afraid of the future, and if we had listened to them we would still be riding horses today. Pro-science people believe, and they are right, that human genius can change their environment to make it better. Nothing can stop science and research; it will go on despite the obscurantist attitudes of the enemies of progress.   
The time has come for scientists to unite with the goal of destroying the fear of the unknown and replacing it with a feeling of excitement, because the human genius can handle any challenge this will bring. This is the true philosophical and humanitarian meaning of science, to be free and limitless. Science must be free of all influence, and this should be its only ethical principle.
It is education and conscience that form a scientist, that is why it is important to have access to knowledge. Science should be used to serve man and to set him free, not to destroy and alienate him.

Science shows us the path to happiness.

Are you ready to join us?

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