New human rights

Nuovi diritti umani


Humanitarianism is an ideological movement founded on the profound recognition of the equal dignity of all human beings. It encompasses the duty to alleviate their suffering and to ensure that their fundamental rights are respected. It is the answer to the essential needs of each individual.
The Earth People Organisation suggest a new version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights called the “Universal Charter of Human Rights”.
The new declaration not only validates all the articles found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed on 10 December 1948, but also adds new elements that are more suitable for the age in which we live. If the Universal Charter of Human Rights were to be respected in its entirety in all countries of the world, humanity would undoubtedly make a great leap forward toward a world of greater freedom, equality and fraternity.


Article 1
Every human being has the right to a comfortable life from birth to death, without consideration. Every human being has the right to happiness. And one’s purpose should always revolve around having more understanding, compassion, and love for others. The concern of any group is to ensure that the needs of its members are always met. Therefore, the well-being of human beings must become a priority in all spheres of their activity.

Article 2
Every human being has the right to control their body and, in full conscience, to choose their sexuality. Under no circumstances should mutilation, sexual or otherwise, be practiced on a non-adult person.

Article 3
Every child should be regarded as a free individual, who has rights. He / she has the right to freely choose the family he / she wants to live with as well as the type of education he / she wishes to receive.

Article 4
No religion should be imposed on a child. Consequently, a child should not be baptized, circumcised, or subjected to a ritual without his / her consent. Parents must wait until the child is old enough to understand and choose whichever religion appeals to him / her and then adhere to it if he / she so desires.

Article 5
The education of a child must focus on self-development and blossoming based on his / her aspirations and tastes. Respect for the freedom and peace of others must be his / her primary concern. A child must learn, at a very young age, to love the world in which he / she lives and must be taught to open up to the outside world and live in harmony with other human beings and nature.

Article 6
The awakening of the mind and body goes hand in hand, and training based on meditation techniques, as well as the development of the senses, must be applied and offered to all so that every member of humanity can develop and grow in such a way that respect and awareness become part of everyone’s wonderful potential. With the utmost respect for everyone, the philosophical and religious beliefs of these teachings must not be founded on religion.

Article 7
Each individual has the right, during his / her life, to have enough to eat, wear decent clothes, have a place to sleep, and the right to receive an education, even if he / she does not work. Those who work have the right to luxury, an indispensable tool for human progress, proportionally to the work done and / or the contributions made to humanity.

Article 8
Each individual has the right to be born and live in a healthy body and healthy environment. Health services, like security services, must focus on prevention and the benefit of everyone. Furthermore, each individual has the right to medical service and support, which are necessary to maintain the best possible physical and psychological health. Euthanasia must be legal and regulated on the basis of the right to refuse to suffer physically.

Article 9
Each individual has the right to develop and blossom according to his / her wishes and tastes without any restrictions of any kind, be they racial, cultural, religious or sexual. Public authorities must encourage everyone to be creative and, moreover, subsidize all initiatives, be they scientific, religious, cultural or artistic.

Article 10
Every human being has the right to exercise any kind of relationships with others if he / she so desires, be they homosexual or heterosexual in nature, provided that these relationships are established between consenting adults, regardless of how many adults are involved. These unions, and possible separations, must also be legally recognized by our society and free from any discrimination.

Article 11
Every human being has the right to be respected for his / her religious beliefs, no matter if they are traditional or from some new age movement, as long as their religion teaches respect for all human beings.

Article 12
An ethics committee shall be established to ensure that the texts and practices of all religions including the dominant religion obey the tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights first, and then the Universal Charter of Human Rights. If any religion fails to respect both declarations, it must be brought to court especially if its texts and practices pose a threat to humanity. Any religious or ideological movement, be it a minority or not, has the right to be recognized as official, even if its “moral” values ​​are very different from the norms of a given society.

Article 13
Everything must be conductive to the development of the arts and all artistic expressions whether they exist or not, or are yet to be created. This will allow for personal development and collective harmony.

Article 14
Everything must be conducive to the development of science. Scientific discoveries should be designed and oriented toward improving the living conditions of every human being in such a way that everyone can benefit without being discriminated against, and in such a way that everyone is happy and better off.
The use of the Internet should be free for the whole world’s population in order to enable them to communicate freely.

Article 15
A free legal system for all must be established and implemented by human society as well as a planetary court for everyone or any group to have access under identical conditions.

Article 16
Society shall create and maintain dedicated places with high standards of living conditions in order to take care of the very sick and criminal people. The death penalty shall be abolished all over the world.

Article 17
Everything must be done in order to respect and protect the environment, plants, animals, and all forms of life on Earth.

Article 18
The Planetary Government must be operating quickly and democratically. This government will focus primarily on Humanitarianism so that the welfare of all human beings will become its primary concern instead of greed and power (as is currently the case).
a) This government will ensure that human rights are implemented and respected in every part of the planet. Sanctions will be imposed on areas that do not respect these rights, and those responsible for any intervention will be severely punished, as they constitute a violation.
(b) This Planetary Government will establish a global army to maintain peace throughout the world. This will ensure true and lasting peace all over the planet. In addition, a policy of unconditional disarmament of the entire world must go into effect immediately.
c) The Planetary Government will implement a fair distribution of all the resources of the planet to every human being and this without any racial, cultural or religious discrimination.
(d) The Planetary Government will establish a world currency as a temporary measure intended to foster and activate the eventual permanent removal of the need for money and all economic depravity based on it.
e) In order to guarantee communication between all the inhabitants of the planet, this government will also supervise and implement the teaching of a worldwide language.

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