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Earth People Organisation


For the “Earth People Organisation”, Humanity must be considered a single people without distinction of race, culture, religion or affiliation.
Beyond the individual choices, everyone needs to find the happiness of existing as soon as possible by feeling connected with all others because each of us is a part of this Humanity.
Our organization wish to support all those initiatives aimed at bringing about political changes at the international level, as well as acting in various directions to ensure that a Planetary Government is established as soon as possible, in the interest of all peoples of the Earth. It would be a government of the people for the people.

Values underlying the aims of the Planetary Government

The values of which the Supervisory Council, the Planetary Government and the College of Sages are guarantors, represent a rule of progress for humanity; they are: empowerment and absolute respect for life; values of respect: self-respect, self-love and respect for others; values of fraternity: non-violence, world peace, the sharing of resources, democracy.
The reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is extremely important; it’s the first step to rehabilitate man from the malevolence of his fellow men.
The fundamental value is the “fulfillment of the human being” both on an individual and social level. Currently, the human being is immersed in permanent suffering caused by the aberrant and obsolete rules of society, the paradigms. The Planetary Government invites us to think of models of society that put the system and technology at the service of man so that he can devote himself to what he was conceived for: thinking, creating, blossoming, loving, seeking pleasure in absolute respect for the other.

The empowerment

Every man is responsible for his actions, even if he does nothing but obey the orders given in whatever form it may take. The one who pulls the trigger is as guilty as the one who gives the order to shoot, and this in all circumstances. Do not obey your leader or supreme beings, called God by some, if what they ask is not in accordance with your conscience.

Absolute respect for life

Even if some power were to lead us to believe that executing a single person could save the whole of humanity, that person should not be killed. The life of a single non-violent person is more precious than all of humanity. With this rule, no more massacres, no more crimes against humanity, no more holocaust are possible.

Respect for others

Tolerance is not enough: to tolerate is to accept differences without enthusiasm, at the cost of changing one’s mind if these differences disturb us. On the contrary, the love of differences is to encourage others to be different from us and to fully live their differences, whether they are racial, cultural, religious, sexual or genetic. If all human beings were alike, the world would be boring. The more others are different from one another, the more enriched we are. A rich humanity is filled with differences.


Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Threats of violence must be punished as severely as violence itself, because it implies that the individual who utters them admits that his point of view can triumph with the use of violence. New technologies can be used in order to temporarily neutralize individuals who act through violence, without killing anyone in any way.

Planetary peace

It is necessary to suppress every national army in the world, to create a true world government and a world army composed of soldiers who would be the guardians of peace on the planet. Governments must devote their military funding to the fight against world hunger. They should organize “telethons” to finance their national army: they certainly wouldn’t collect much.

The sharing

Every man has the right throughout his life to have something to eat, a place to sleep, to dress decently and to receive an education, even if he does not work. Those who work have the right to enjoy luxury, an indispensable motive for the progress of mankind, proportionally to the work provided and the progress they bring to society.


Democracy is the only possible way towards a consensus by all about a new political system of a government entrusted to philosophers, scientists, and men who have “peasant common sense”, wisdom.

The importance of human rights

One can see here that our movement is far from the ignoble chatter held about us by the lying mass media concerned more with keeping their audience or sales figures high than respecting professional ethics. Many countries deserve a government that would think more about respecting the law that prohibits any incitement to hatred against religious, philosophical or racial minorities. “No man can be bothered by his own religious or philosophical convictions”, an element of Human Rights. The religious minorities who most need the protection of the law are neither Muslims, nor traditionalist Christians, nor Jews (all of these are highly respected) but true minorities, scornfully called “cults” by those who are disturbed by spiritual differences. Whatever minorities they may be, as long as they respect the laws, they have the right to existence guaranteed by Human Rights, the Constitution and national laws. Religious freedoms are fundamental and the right of minorities to live their spiritual life as they understand it with respect and dignity. If we want to avoid falling back into a medieval witch-hunt worthy of the Inquisition and which has caused frightening dramas, it is important to enforce the Human Rights that are so important for the future of our civilization.

New precepts

The old primitive precepts “work, country, family” must be replaced with those more suited to the needs of the human being and of society itself: “blossoming, freedom, universal brotherhood”.
Work has nothing sacred when it is motivated by nothing other than the need to earn a hard living; it is also terribly disheartening to sell oneself, to sell one’s life in order to be able to eat by doing work that simple machines can do.
The family has always been a means adopted by slavers old and new to force people to work harder for a chimerical family ideal.
Finally, the country is nothing more than an additional means to create a competition among men by bringing them with more ardor every day towards the sacrosanct work.
These three terms, work, family and country, have incidentally always been supported by primitive religions.
But we are no longer primitive now! Let’s shake off these dusty old principles and take advantage of life on this earth that science can turn into a paradise!


A democratic Planetary Government based on Humanitarianism and Paradism

Are you ready to join us?

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