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Below are answers to the main questions related to the Earth People Organisation’s goals and ideas.

Earth People Organisation aims to manage the formation of the virtual Temporary Planetary Government (TPG). Through the Planetary Government, our efforts are directed towards raising public awareness so that they understand the need to adopt a system that is to the complete advantage of society on this planet. We do not claim to find solutions to everything, but we have valid indications for considering the Planetary Government to be the best solution for the good of humanity. When the responsibility of guiding the planet is given to the Planetary Government, the sages to whom this government will be entrusted will need to find the suitable solutions to bring Humanity into the golden age, so that it can achieve happiness, love, respect and freedom.

The virtual Planetary Government, through the Internet, has no borders or limits. Information must be free and universal without censorship. Hundreds of millions of people from every country can vote and make their voices heard. This project is part of our program. Free access to information is fundamental for democracy.
The Temporary Planetary Government is committed to promoting Internet freedom; it is our hope for freedom and unity among human beings. We must work together, expand the definition of a global community, developing telecommunications technology, ensuring free access for all. We are open to new ideas that tend to improve the network.
The Internet is helpful for the economy, for medical research, for politics, for elections. Principles such as freedom of the press are not ours alone, they are universal values.
We hope that the governments of all the countries in the world will follow us and join in our common commitment to defend the Internet and freedom. The Internet is our religion because it unites the People of the Earth.

It is a government administered by the sages, democratically elected virtually by the People of the Earth. The Planetary Government aims to guide humanity towards prosperity and happiness. Reason must take power to avoid the dangers resulting from our own aggressive drives. To govern is to foresee and only the sages can foresee because they see further than others.

The values of which the Supervisory Council, the Planetary Government and the College of Sages are guarantors, represent a rule of progress for humanity; they are: empowerment and absolute respect for life; values of respect: self-respect, self-love and respect for others; values of fraternity: non-violence, world peace, sharing of resources, democracy.
The reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is extremely important, it’s the first stage in rehabilitating man from the malevolence of his fellow man.
The fundamental value is the “fulfillment of the human being” on both the individual and social levels. Currently, the human being is immersed in a permanent suffering caused by the aberrant and obsolete rules of society. The Planetary Government invites us to think about models of society that put the system and technology at the service of man so that he can dedicate himself to what he was conceived for: thinking, creating, blossoming, loving, seeking pleasure with absolute respect for the other.

Paradism is a political system similar to communism, but without any proletariat. In a paradist system, robots and nanobots take the place of the proletariat or labor force. Paradism is based on new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology. It underlies that the proletariat and all forms of human labor are replaced by robots, nanobots, and computers. Nationalization, within a paradist system, will naturally lead to a Planetary Government in which globalization (i.e. nationalization on a planetary scale) of all the resources of the planet will be a matter of mere justice and equality for all Humanity.

The political orientation of humanity is not proletarian communism, but a kind of “communism” that is concerned with the future of humanity: we call it Humanitarianism. All property must be leased for forty-nine years. This suppresses the injustice of inheritance. Our inheritance, the inheritance of our children, is the whole world, if we know how to organize ourselves to make it pleasant.

The political power is made up of men who are ready to do anything to preserve the advantages of their situation, even if it means “changing sides” several times during their political career. It suffices to listen to their speeches; to preserve or conquer a position, they usually say what they think the population wants to hear. This is how, all over the world, Hitler, Stalin and other criminals have been democratically elected by people kept in fear and guilt. Fortunately, people are increasingly becoming aware of this situation, and it is not surprising that the rate of abstention in elections is increasing in all countries. This means that more and more people no longer trust politicians; this has already been confirmed by recent polls. Thanks to the rebroadcast of their past speeches, we know that they are all liars. And if they justify their change of opinion with a change of “conjuncture”, this proves that, if they are not totally liars, they are totally incompetent, because to govern means to foresee and they have never foreseen anything! On the contrary, they have produced suffering, misery, hunger, financial crisis, wars. The people will be the judge, and this, precisely, thanks to democracy and thanks to the fears that will disappear, allowing to find other methods of government better suited to our age of planetary science and consciousness. Since newspapers belong to the capitalists, to the political, economic and religious powers, the more one fears, the more they have power, because power gives the impression of protecting. Ethics is a false justification. How do they preserve power? Through fear: fear of the neighbor, of the skin color, of the different culture, of the enemy, of the terrorist, etc.

To govern is to foresee, and all the great problems that humanity is now facing prove that governments have not been able to foresee them and therefore were not able to govern. It is not a problem of people but a problem of the system of choice of those responsible. It is the system that is not good. People suffer the consequences of their mistakes, it is not surprising that they only inspire greater distrust rather than confidence. Wars, genocides, suffering, economic crises are the result of policies managed by experts who have inevitably proved through facts that they are not. The sages more than anyone else should compose the Planetary Government. The exasperating nationalism has not been able to foresee the problems related to the world financial crisis, to the conflicts on the planet, to the dramas of world hunger, etc. This proves that only a Planetary Government can face these recurrent problems. The sooner we will form this Planetary Government the sooner we will get out of this situation.

It is a political orientation of mankind that seeks, for example, to abolish the concept of property and to eliminate the injustice of inheritance. All men are equal at birth, what they achieve, they owe only to themselves; to each his own merit. If all men have the right to make a decent living, those who do more than others for their fellow human have the right to have more than those who do nothing for the community.

A Planetary Government would apply Humanitarianism; the institution of a global currency pending the suppression of money and consequently of manual labor; the institution of a world language; the abolition of military service and the placing of career soldiers in the service of peace; the banning of weapons.

The first step is to form a democratically elected Temporary Planetary Government through the use of the Internet. All those who wish to and who share the values in whose name it was formed may be elected. Once established, the Planetary Government will issue directives and suggestions to governments and all major world organizations.

Scientists, artists, researchers, philosophers, however, all those who are aware of their actions and wish that the consequence of their action is positive for the civil context. They only want to act in the interest of humanity. He who thinks about the interests of the community without thinking about his own, at the same time demonstrates that he is wise as a person who knows how to listen, who knows how to learn from the mistakes of the past made by those politicians who have brought this planet to its knees. The sage is humble, the one who never knows enough, who does not get involved in negative emotions, who has a sense of justice, of loyalty, but above all, the one who has imagination, who knows how to foresee the future and who loves his own, wanting to work for their happiness.

Intelligence is not erudition. It is not link to the amount of knowledge accumulated through studies. One can be educated without being intelligent. It is a matter of common sense, otherwise called peasant common sense. Our action aims to prepare humanity to understand the usefulness of a system that can bring happiness to this planet by entrusting the leadership to the sages.

Artists of all kinds, scientists (they too are creative, like inventors, researchers), all those whose creative spirit, fruit of their imagination, can bring a breath of creativity and beauty to this planet.

The Planetary Government is not a political party nor a dictatorship, but a system of government that uses the opinion of many sages from all the nations of the Earth, creating a “global college”. Collegiality prevents decisions from being made by a single person, as is the case today under presidential regimes. It is composed of men and women from all nations around the planet. Each national representative has a voting coefficient proportional to the number of inhabitants who populate the nation he represents.

Creating a Planetary Government that makes the earth a world of happiness and blossoming. Suppressing violence. Replacing the right to work with the right to blossom. Saving humanity from the danger of destruction due to a lack of common sense on the part of the current leaders. Every man has the right to live comfortably from his birth to his death, without compensation. This is the first of the human rights that a Planetary Government aims to apply, in order to free man from the slavery of forced labor, favoring the blossoming of these who can devote their time to what they like most, even to a job, but voluntarily by free choice. This will happen when the evolution of wage changes is non-existent in parallel with the reduction in working time, leading to the consequent suppression of money due to its uselessness.

The Planetary Government can never become a regime, because it will make use of a Council of Sage and Creative People who will submit suggestions, ideas, and advice to the Planetary Government. Collegiality prevents a single person from making decisions, as happens in presidential republics.

The Planetary Government is not a political party nor a dictatorship, but a system of government that uses the opinion of many wise and creative individuals from all nations of the Earth, creating a “global college”. Creative people are artists of all kinds, scientists, inventors, researchers; all those whose spirit, fruit of their imagination, can bring a breath of creativity and beauty to this planet.
Collegiality prevents decisions from being made by one single person, as is currently the case under presidential regimes. The Temporary Planetary Government will use the advice of many wise and creative people; this body will be called the World Council of Wise and Creative People (WCWCP). The WCWCP will be democratically elected by the People of the Earth. It is composed of men and women from nations all over the planet. Each national representative has a voting coefficient proportional to the number of inhabitants that populate the nation he represents. They will be able to submit to the Planetary Government the best proposals to improve human conditions, security on the planet, and make it more beautiful. The Council of Wise and Creative People will be formed through democratic elections from the EPO (Earth People Organisation) site on dates set by the Temporary Planetary Government. The World Council of Wise People will be re-elected every three years.

Every day, we all benefit from the fruits of the imagination, thoughts and work of geniuses and scientists. Throughout our day, we use objects that exist only thanks to the brains of individuals of above-average intelligence. From the electric light bulb to the television set, from the bicycle to the car, from the cold water tap to the washing machine, from the typewriter to the tape recorder, from the piano to the sound system, all these objects that make our lives easier or more pleasant are due to people who have been able to use their imagination in finding new solutions to certain problems. Even a mentally retarded person uses several of these objects without being able to understand how they were made. He does, however, see that his life improves with their use. And this is quite normal. At the moment, these geniuses and scientists are not free to do what they want within the framework of government research organizations. Consequently, they have to work on programs that are imposed on them, motivated almost solely by military political interests, in order to make their work rapidly profitable. This leads to the following paradox: geniuses must work under the directives of the mediocre. Politicians make promises in order to obtain advantages for themselves, while geniuses work to improve the conditions of all human beings. Who deserves to govern? Wouldn’t it be a desirable to have the world governed by the smartest people?

We will try to help the process of change by supporting science, because science is the secret to a better life on earth, to a better understanding between the races and between the people of the planet, so that advances will help to make sure that people no longer suffer. There are people starving while billions of dollars are spent on armaments.

Capitalism is the best way to suppress money someday. Capitalism and globalization are very important; they are the best way to suppress money. We have seen what communism produces, we know how anti-progress it is and how it destroys any possibility of development on Earth, we can see in what condition communist countries were living. Capitalism allows the people who bring the most to society to develop it, to help it progress and to make discoveries. Money is the greatest enemy of money, that’s why we must earn as much as possible; we must make this society produce as much money as possible. The more there is, the more it will implode one day, thanks to nanotechnology, thanks to all the technologies that will come. It will fall by itself and we will come to a society without money. This is still a long way off, so for the moment let’s settle for what will happen soon: the suppression of work, which will be linked to a gradual suppression of money. Why do we work? To earn money, and if we no longer need to work, it will be necessary for all human beings to have enough to live on, to shelter themselves, to clothe themselves, in a wonderful society. And those who will do something more, a scientific or artistic creation, will do it out of love. The painter will paint a work of art no longer so that it will be bought by a billionaire, but to offer it to someone who truly appreciates it; the scientist will make a discovery not to earn money, but because it seems to him to be a means of further improving the condition of others, for pleasure, for the pleasure of the research. This is the world towards which we are heading and this is why we want to live a long time, to see it all. But in order to achieve this, a Planetary Government must be formed.

We say YES to globalization, in the sense of opening borders. We must say YES to the globalization of LOVE and NO to the globalization of power. No to nationalist political globalization that leads to single thinking.

The solutions proposed to the great problems that assail humanity are the following: the formation of a Planetary Government, which would apply Humanitarianism; the institution of a world currency pending the suppression of money; the manufacture of biological robots to suppress manual labor; the institution of a world language; the abolition of military service and the placing of career soldiers at the service of peace; the elimination of all armaments.

We proselytize for science because science is our religion, a religion in the sense of “religere”, that brings together all human beings. Science is a vehicle for peace, harmony and good health. Science means: the search for truth. Science is what intelligent, and therefore wise, humanity can answer. It is the future answers to today’s questions, it is the evolution of one’s own knowledge, it is the driving force of life, because it makes it progress; it is the religion of evolved beings. Science is often the object of criticism and opposition, Albert Einstein made a statement that hits hard on the matter, “Great spirits have always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Only science will be able to give us everything we need to live well and be happy, and it will be thanks to science that we will make our planet a paradise where we could live forever.

The military is humanity’s number one enemy; the army being a school of violence and hatred. It is the most destructive of the cults that truly practice brainwashing, it is responsible for thousands of deaths all over the world, throughout the course of human history; it is the largest consumer of national budgets, of fortunes that would allow the education of the masses and the popularization of science. Military service is one of the real dens of brainwashing, practicing recognized moral and psychic violence, transforming responsible young people into potential murderers, ready for any crime as soon as they are given the order. It relieves responsibility, models in the desired sense and controls the personality thus obtained in order to make young automatons ready to kill. How to take power away from the military? If the geniuses that make the weapons evolve with their inventions, instead of allowing themselves to be recruited by the political-military powers, allied themselves for peace, they could invent means that allow neutralizing the currently existing weapons. Some scientists are victims of political and military organizations that take over their work to use it in their own way; their inventions are turned into deadly weapons. The UN with its Blue Helmets can do nothing because this is only an army of political deterrence, whose forces are negligible compared to those of the great powers. Military service in all countries of the world must urgently be abolished. All career soldiers must be transformed into guardians of world peace, that is, placed at the service of freedom and human rights.

It is the suppression of the individual’s sense of responsibility due to submission to those authorities that condition the individual by imposing their will with the persuasion of the “sense of duty”: the one who carries out orders is more responsible than the one who gives them. Whenever something good or bad happens and is explained by the power of God, Allah, Buddha or Krishna, or whether destiny, karma, ancestors, beneficial or evil spirits, the stars, a quartz crystal or a black cat is invoked, the individual refuses his responsibility! It is important to understand that success depends on taking full responsibility for your life. The more you abandon these props, the more you are in control of your life and the more you can direct it where you want.

The UN had for a mission to prevent wars and to find diplomatic solutions to conflicts between nations. The UN has failed to carry out this mission. There is therefore no longer any reason for countries that are in favor of world peace to be part of this organization that is only a puppet of the United States used to impose the American state of order. 73% of Europeans think that the US is the most dangerous country. In reality, it is the UN that is criminal because it is responsible for the deaths of thousands of human beings that it did not want and could not defend. The UN was created for peace, to stop wars on earth, to distribute a little more love and understanding in the world. If it is unable to prevent wars, the UN betrays the fundamental reason for its creation. The UN, which should represent all the peoples of the world, should also stop using the Christian calendar in its official documents, a request that has remained unanswered (the ICACCI Project). How can non-Christian peoples, who are in majority on this planet, accept that official UN documents be signed by their representatives with a Christian date? This is an insult to Muslims, Buddhists and other non-Christian peoples, and one more proof of American and Christian imperialism in its way of dominating the UN to better dominate the world. The time has come for the peoples of the world to understand that the US, which represents only 5% of the world population, is terrorizing the world and want to organize it in their own way. It is now time to dismantle the UN and replace it with a truly neutral organization where every country would have an equal voice; an outline of a true world government through something that could be called the Earth People Organisation (EPO).

It does now because men are still mixed with forced labor machines. Machines and men must not be mixed: men are made to blossom and machines to work under the control of robots that free man from the condition of enslavement to manufacturing (i.e. the place where forced labor takes place, of which the beneficiary is the owner). Automated technology benefits the entire community.

Work is not to be regarded as something sacred. Every being has the right to have a living even if he does not work. Everyone must try to blossom into the field that appeals to them. The automated systems and biological robots will free man from the obligation to work. When work no longer exists, man will be able to blossom freely. Any being that works in exchange for a living practices prostitution, renting his body and mind for money, just like prostitutes. “We would no longer need slaves if the tools could move by themselves” (Aristotle) = what man does, the machine can do it better. Man can be freed from the slavery of work if only self-maintained and self-monitored robotic production units are adopted.

It is an economic system based on the principle that it is necessary for the production units to produce what people need and distribute it without retribution. The vital needs are: nourishment, clothing, housing.

Contrary to what many think, believing that to return to nature we must reject science, it is science that will make us return to nature. When work is automated and money suppressed, man will be able to blossom and live in total harmony with nature. Man must respect nature until he is able to recreate it, until he is capable of becoming a creator himself.

Medium term goals: single global currency; single language; distribution economy; development of automation and scientific research; suppression of military service.
Long-term goals: destruction of all weapons stockpiles on Earth by the Planetary Government; suppression of borders and democratic definition of borders.

Nanotechnology allows obtaining any material starting from any matter by recombining the atomic composition of matter. Anything can be transformed into almost anything else, in any place, without transport and without extraction, in a metamorphosis that goes beyond the wildest dreams of the ancient alchemists. They dreamed of crafting the philosopher’s stone that would turn lead into gold. That’s exactly what nanotechnology can do; or coal into diamonds; or grass into a chicken leg or in a beefsteak or in a wine with an aroma worthy of the most prestigious vineyards. Nanotechnology will allow to almost completely eliminating the pollution generated by human activities (no more agriculture, no more factories, no more mining, no more livestock). Suppression of schools, hospitals and prisons; suppression of workplaces. The Earth will be able to return to being a wild and natural space, and human beings will be able to rediscover a nature that will serve only for their pleasure and wonder; and it will no longer need to be exploited. With nanotechnology, humans in society will no longer have to make any effort at all. We will live in a leisure society with no more enslavement to work and profit.

Man was not born to work, he had to adapt to this in order to survive, but before long, man will achieve his true goals which are: to think, to create, to blossom.

The mass media have a tendency to influence the majority to be conditioned either by false information or by information commented upon according to the opinion of those who propagate it. This is the normalizing of public opinion. Despite the fact that science is improving the quality of life by leaps and bounds, people continue to feel unsafe and the cause of such behavior can be attributed to the mass media. In the contemporary world, the media has increased the sense of uncertainty in us. Journalists are victims of the system. It is important to have the courage to give the fairest and most correct information possible, but partisan interests are put before the truth. The transmission of information and knowledge is fundamental in the construction of a planetary and supranational consciousness; the media have a fantastic role to play. But this role of real informer, of “conscientizer” of humanity, of scientific popularizer, of vehicle of diffusion of information destroying fears and superstitions that should unite a real press, is obscured by the lamentable reality of a press belonging to powerful financial groups whose only aim is to make money. Higher readership and ratings bring more advertising revenue and it takes precedence over the quality of the information being broadcast. Worse: if negative or even totally false information can increase the financial success of the media, they won’t hesitate a second and choose to spread lies because what sells the most is always fear. So these powers that precisely try to maintain their dominance on the fear of the public are the direct allies of the press. The political power, the traditional religions and the army, each of these organizations have a powerful press relations service that knows they have every interest in having the media transmit information that maintains fear among the population; and this goes as far as the deliberate lie, which is called: disinformation. But at the same time truly “conscientizing” or scientifically vulgarizing media arise and conquer ever-larger parts of the market, fortunately weakening the traditional media. Magazines or thematic television networks, such as CNN, which broadcast nothing but information 24 hours a day, or channels such as the “Discovery Channel” in the U.S.A., which broadcasts nothing but scientific vulgarization programs on a permanent basis, are incredibly successful and participate in the necessary weakening of the media that generate fears and lies. The increasing number of bankrupt newspapers, magazines or television networks is reassuring and hopeful. It means that the population is less and less stupid and stops accepting or watching the media babble.

It is about giving more space to information about scientific progress through the mass media, in order to accelerate the evolution of humanity and thus the progressive elimination, thanks to a global awareness, of those obscurantist and guilt-ridden traditions that currently are still in the foreground.

Scientific vulgarization is almost non-existent and the powers in place prefer to keep the populations ignorant; ignorance that makes it much easier to maintain fears on which the powers rightly rely to preserve their dominance. Fear of the foreigner, fear of communism or capitalism that has made it possible for the megatons of thermonuclear weapons to accumulate, fear of other races, fear of other religions, fear of AIDS, fear of a god or devil, fear of brainwashing cults, fear of genetic engineering, fear of progress, fear of pollution, fear of geniuses, etc. All these shamefully preserved fears rest on an absence of scientific knowledge of the underlying issues. If there would be a real scientific vulgarization concerning all these subjects, people would stop being afraid and they would be much less manipulable and controllable, and this is the reason why governments shamefully restrain any true scientific vulgarization. They want, first of all, to keep their power over individuals: therefore they maintain fears. It is enough to listen to political speeches to be convinced of this. But if there were nothing but the political power to demoralize people and lower the level of consciousness, things would be less serious. The problem is that there are three major forces interested in keeping populations in obscurantism. The governments, but also the large organizations that defend traditions, in particular the tradition that rightly consists in “deconscientising” and frightening populations as much as possible, that is, the traditional religions, the army, etc. These organizations, because they have based their powers on fears and the absence of knowledge, have no desire to see the population begin to understand and suddenly abandon their fears and their need for protection, against the “devil” or “enemies”. From the moment one understands that there is no devil, nor an enemy, one no longer needs protection.

The obstacles we encounter as pioneers of the new paradigms are related to: science - religions - sexuality - education - arts - origins of life - human relations - politics. Science is relegated to old calculations, religions hold back scientific development, sexuality is strongly repressed and blamed, education does not open up the possibility of new values to young people, the arts are mostly ignored, the origins of life are dominated by obsolete evolutionary theories devoid of real scientific foundations, human relations lack principles based on absolute respect for life and the importance of the fraternal bond between peoples, and politics, with its power and its interests, ignore all this.

The “earthly paradise” that is possible through the awakening is the golden age of civilization where science is at the service of man, where the blind can see and where the deaf can hear scientifically. It is a choice towards the paradise that the peaceful use of science allows. Hell is a return to the primitive state, where man suffers nature instead of dominating it. This is somehow a natural selection, at the cosmic level, of the species capable of traveling away from their planet. Only those who perfectly master their aggressiveness can reach this stage. Others self-destruct as soon as their scientific and technological level allows them to invent weapons powerful enough to do so.

The precepts are the moral, civil and religious rules. The old primitive precepts “work, country, family” will be replaced with these more suited to the needs of the human being and of society itself: “blossoming, freedom, universal brotherhood”. Work has nothing sacred when it is motivated by nothing other than the need to earn a painful living; it is also terribly demeaning to sell oneself, to sell one’s life in order to be able to eat by carrying out work that simple machines can do. The family has always been a means adopted by slavers old and new to force people to work harder for a chimerical family ideal. Finally, the country is nothing more than an additional means to create a competition between men, bringing them more ardently every day towards the sacrosanct work. On the other hand, these three terms, work, family and country, have always been supported by primitive religions. But we are no longer primitives now! Shake off these dusty old principles and take advantage of life on this earth that science can turn into a paradise!

By developing technologies and robotics, by starting to reorganize the structures of world society towards a distributive economy, man will be able to quickly reach his material and spiritual fulfillment. All this necessarily passes through a global vision of the right to pleasure; the fundamental value for the fulfillment of the human being, both on an individual and social level. Currently, the human being is immersed in permanent suffering caused by the aberrant and obsolete rules of society. We must start thinking about models of society that put the system and technologies at the service of man so that he can finally dedicate himself to what it was conceived for: thinking, creating, blossoming, loving, seeking pleasure in absolute respect for the other.

The high priests of the official religions persuade the crowds that religions are tolerable only if they have a few millennia of seniority and that everything else is but a mass of dangerous cults. They stand between truth and man, and induce him to believe in the traditional religion that baptizes children, that defends the temperament-suppressing and taxpaying family, that defends the country, that supports politicians who are ready to do anything to keep collecting their salaries, that supports the military, those officials deprived of responsibility for their duties, who delude themselves into thinking they are defending society when they condemn, torture or kill someone. These are the religions that love those who rule; not those that could stimulate the youth by making them discover the truth, that could give them the will to overthrow the primitive structures, to replace them with systems in relation with the futuristic technologies in which we are living.

Religion is about creating a bond; if human beings do not learn to create a conscious bond between them, like the conscious bond we can have between the cells of our body when it is put in harmony through meditation, it will be difficult to find harmony on this planet. In reality, humanity is nothing more than a collection of cells (humans) bound together and for them to be in harmony it is necessary to create bonds of Love, Kindness and Respect. Love is the force that keeps people together.

Currently, religions do not respect human rights! Each state should create a control commission that has the task of verifying that no religion or philosophical movement proposes or imposes on its members, in its writings or applications, elements that are contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If we analyze the behavior, contents, teachings and principles of some traditional religions, we will notice that they often ignore and even go against these rights. The Planetary Government will have to take this into account.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was passed on December 10, 1948. In our society, human rights are often ignored and in particular Article 18 which says, “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in a community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” Article 19 says, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, including the right not to be harassed for his or her opinion, and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The Charter of Human Rights is not taught in schools and is not really enforced. How can something be enforced if it is not taught? A civilization that wants to get away from primitive behaviors (limited and egocentric vision, fundamentalism, fanaticism and will to dominate others), must define rules that contribute to the respect and dignity of man to protect itself from malevolence and intolerance of its fellows: Human Rights. The constitutional of the Planetary Government must have as a fundamental principle the Charter of Human Rights.

He must be stronger than the beliefs he have generated, intelligent enough and open enough to understand. Man is perfect, but he becomes imperfect thinking that he is not, being resigned to it.
Man is an ordinary being, in an ordinary time, in an ordinary point of the infinite universe.

This planetary educational organization shall have absolute power over the choice of world school curricula, total supremacy over national education, prohibiting, in particular, religious or racial education that arouses fanaticism, and shall impose the teaching of the equality of all religions (including atheism) in all schools throughout the world, in order to teach future generations to respect and love all philosophies existing on our planet. The teaching of human rights will obviously be compulsory throughout the world. It is at this price that never again will a dictator appear among the generations to come, that never again will a man feel invested with the mission to raise one part of humanity against another in the name of a race, a god or a system. The people who educate criminals against humanity are themselves criminals against humanity. Let us never forget that Hitler or Saddam Hussein received an “education”... and that their educators are responsible for what they became. What we put into our children’s minds today will come out again one day. Let’s never forget that.

To solve the problem, contraception must be accentuated and strict laws enacted authorizing women to have no more than two children. Young people must be encouraged to have fewer children so that they are happier and can survive. Overpopulation constitutes an economic threat (too many mouths to feed) and an ecological threat (the need to expand with consequent disfigurement of the environment).
“If unwanted children were not conceived throughout the world, the demographic problem would be solved for a good part”, said the Vice President of the Council of Peoples), alluding to the need to encourage contraception and abortion, without making it a problem of conscience because of a too moralistic society linked to traditions such as “grow and multiply” or “what God has united man do not dare to divide”.

We estimate that 90% of the world’s environmental degradation is due to the proliferation of the human species. Ecologists themselves do not allude to this situation; this blindness is astounding!
The world population is currently around eight billion people.
These new mouths need to be nurtured by providing them with all the material well-being that every human being is entitled to: housing, heating, transportation, etc. Encouraging the limitation of the anarchist proliferation of the human species is one of the conscientizing issues that need to be addressed. However, experience shows us that very few people are ready to accept the idea that reproducing is not an acquired and inalienable right. To reproduce is to design genetic codes for the future and no one is the owner of the future. Tackling the subject with the expedient of ecology and the consequences on the environment with the increase of the population, on the other hand, goes very well.
Proposal: encouraging birth control and contraception. The limitation of prolificacy will occur spontaneously with the raising of education and the standard of living. The empowerment of women is a key step in the process - the fight against obscurantist religious ideologies that alienate them is a duty. Dissuading financially (when we touch the wallet people remember better the lesson). Encouraging to take care of the one or two children for the first seven years, as much as possible, with some free benefits and education, health, clothing, custody, etc. Imposing financial penalties, heavy and proportional to the incomes for parents who exceed the threshold of the two children. Promote adoption including for same-sex couples.

They are: empowerment and absolute respect for life; values of respect: self-respect, self-love and respect for others; values of fraternity: non-violence, world peace, the sharing of resources, democracy. The reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is extremely important, it’s the first step to rehabilitate man from the malevolence of his fellow men. The Fundamental Value is the “fulfillment of the human being” both on an individual and social level. Currently, the human being is immersed in permanent suffering caused by the aberrant and obsolete rules of society. Knowledge invites us to think of models of society that put the system and technology at the service of man so that he can devote himself to what he was conceived for: thinking, creating, blossoming, loving, seeking pleasure in absolute respect for the other.

We did not choose to be born, but from the moment we came into the world, living serves the purpose of having the pleasure of living, whether it is the pleasure of contributing to entering the golden age, the pleasure of enjoying putting yourself in harmony with the infinite, or in any other way. “The only privilege of being alive is to be conscious! And when you are conscious, you can only marvel at your own consciousness and be happy to live” (Rael).

Humanity needs a spiritual life where people can meditate, pray, feel connected to infinity, connected with the stars, feeling connected with everything, as Buddhism teaches, which is a religion of the future compared to Catholicism or Christianity, without any fear of being human, of being able to understand and progress thanks to science, and at the same time feeling connected with each human being of all races on Earth, feeling that the life of each person is very important and that we must protect it and love all human beings on the planet! To completely encourage scientific research, when it is non-violent and brings a new spirituality, is to change this planet into a paradise. Many people are without spirituality because they can no longer believe in this spirituality. They are therefore hopeless, so they drink, take drugs, commit suicide. A new spirituality is needed. We do not claim to be the only answer to these problems. We think we are the best answer.

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