Planetary Government

Governo planetario


Planetary Government is the answer to the danger of self-destruction of this Humanity due mainly to nationalism, which represents its most serious threat. The Planetary Government must be controlled democratically by people who act in the interest of the people, becoming a model of freedom and adopting the Declaration of Human Rights as the basis for a planetary constitution, but who shall have no power. The United Nations must act as a supervisor of this government, which could operate really well and lead us to Paradism, an innovative political system able to transform this planet into a paradise. If to govern is to foresee the future, it is really easy to notice that not a single democratically elected government has taken the right decisions to avoid the problems that the world population is facing today, as well as in the last two centuries. And the results are dramatic in every field: wars, holocausts, genocides, economic and monetary collapse, pollution and the still unresolved problem of world hunger.


  1. Making the earth a world of happiness and blossoming for all regardless of race, religion, culture, or intellectual level.
  2. Using all means to achieve this goal using science, nanotechnology, etc.
  3. Suppressing individual and mass violence; eliminating armies and weaponry.
  4. Replacing the right to work with the right to blossom.
  5. Saving the planet from the destruction towards which it is currently heading on account of the lack of intelligence of its chosen leaders.
  6. Reaching Paradism as soon as possible.


The Charter of the newly elected Temporary Planetary Government will summarize the goals and principles the international organization has set out to achieve:

1. Creation of a true Planetary Government
2. Creation of a single global currency
3. Use of a single world language
4. Organizing a single international army of peace
5. Replacing the current Christian calendar at the United Nations and creating a new one that is not linked to any religion, for example the date of the founding of the UN (1948) or the date of the anniversary of the first atomic bomb launch on Hiroshima (1945). However, since 1945 we have entered a new era, the Age of Aquarius; the Age of Pisces has ended.
6. Maintaining international peace and security
7. Promoting disarmament and arms regulation; reduction of military spending
8. Promoting the resolution of international disputes and peacefully resolving situations that could lead to a breach of peace
9. Developing friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equality among states and the self-determination of peoples
10. Promoting global economic and social cooperation
11. Promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for the benefit of all individuals
12. Promoting respect for international law and encouraging its progressive development and codification
13. Reorganizing a new UN (EPO - Earth People Organisation)
14. Regulating the problem of overpopulation, making it impossible to have more than one child per person (overpopulation is a serious danger to the very balance of humanity)
15. Absolute necessity to invest resources in scientific research, technologies, nanotechnology, telecommunications
16. Designing new housing developments for all
17. Encouraging the arts, sports
18. Renewing school and university education - special schools for the brightest minds


It will be the Temporary Planetary Government that will establish the regulations of the Charter of Rights and Planetary Constitution - the Charter of Human Rights will be the basis of the future Constitution.

Here is an example:

1. No state shall make or enforce any law that limits the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the People of the Earth; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, freedom or property without trial in the due form of law; nor deny any person under its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
2. It shall guarantee freedom of the Internet, religion, speech and press, the right to peacefully assemble, and the right to appeal to the government to correct wrongs. It also prohibits the Planetary Government from “making any law for the recognition of any religion”.
3. Etc.

Are you ready to join us?

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