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The Earth People Organisation supports the need to achieve a democratic Planetary Government based on Humanitarianism and Paradism, but without power

Cambiamento sociale


We are living in the most exciting time in the history of our humanity, because revolutions are breaking out all over the world.
People are tired; tired of governments that want to exercise their power; tired of politicians who only think about their own interests; tired of being cogs in a machine that forces them into prostitution in the name of profit; tired of spending their life sleeping, eating, producing and reproducing without any other purpose in life.
And in the meantime, there are those who watch television and, laughing, wonder which government will fall next. Soon it will be theirs!
Because everyone in the world dreams of a revolution. People want to be happy and give a meaning to their lives, certainly not to hear about GDP or other similar rubbish. Who cares? Nobody cares!

And revolution will happen, precisely where we least expect it to happen. Not in China, India, Africa... but in France, England, the United States, Italy.
This planet can only be saved if a planetary revolution takes place, because national revolutions are no longer enough.
A revolution is needed to change this political system that allows incapable people to rise to power and finance the production of ever more deadly weapons with our money.
A revolution is needed to change this political system that has allowed men to arbitrarily draw frontiers on a map, in order to better instil fear of the foreigner and have a pretext to use the weapons that have been produced.
A revolution is needed to change this political system that could unleash a war that will kill us all.
The truth is that we do not need politicians interested only in their wallets, but we need a government composed of wise and democratically elected people who guide our choices, but without imposing anything.
We do not need imaginary borders, but a united world and a Planetary Government that takes care of all humanity, proposing global solutions to global problems.
And we do not need to produce money, which serves to fatten the few at the expense of the many. In the era of technological progress, science will soon be able to replace the human being, freeing him from the slavery of work and allowing him to devote himself solely to his own personal fulfillment, in a society that will satisfy all his needs for free.

This is the world we all dreamed of. It is Paradism!

Paradism is a socio-political system thanks to which man finally regains his rightful role, a position of absolute centrality in a world where new technologies will be at his service. He will no longer be condemned to sacrifice his life on the altar of the national economy, but he will only have to rejoice in the goods that technology will produce for free and that a Planetary Government will distribute fairly.
This is the only government that the people want.
And you who read these lines, you have the choice whether to continue to be part of the cogs of this mechanism that is slowly sucking your life away or to get up from your chair and do something concrete so that Paradism is established everywhere in the world, creating that utopian society that many have dreamed of but that no one has ever been able to achieve.
Because now is the time to do it. For the first time in history we finally have the means. And you can be the pioneer of this new era, the one who will make a difference.
Are you ready to join us?


The real problem is overpopulation

World leaders are living in a fantasy world, unable to see the real problem on this planet: overpopulation.
Any environmental calamity that will afflict humanity in the 21st century will arise from human overpopulation. This will include species extinction, biosphere pollution, poisoned oceans, climate destabilization, melting polar ice caps, melting glaciers, dry and dead zones, oil spills, 100,000 chemicals dispersed in water, land, and air, deforestation, growing desertification, 18 million deaths from hunger every year, sharp decline in the quality of life, increased energy consumption, scarcity of food resources, etc. On the political front, an escalation of wars over water and oil will be inevitable.

And yet, not a single world leader is talking about it; not a single leader is standing up to address the problem of this dangerous situation. Not a single political program intends to address the problem. No one mentions the last taboo of the 21st century: human overpopulation. Religions remain anchored in the past with the obsolete dogma that says, “Go and multiply”, which cannot be applied today. This might have been applicable at the beginning of the history of this humanity, but it cannot work now.
If humans avoid, evade, or ignore the problem of overpopulation, humanity will continue to increase at such a rate that self-destruction becomes inevitable.
A recent United Nations report predicts that the world’s population will grow beyond 10 billion by mid-century. Much of the population growth will occur in the so-called high fertility areas, namely in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.
Birth control is essential to stabilize the human population. No one should have more than one child for each person. We must urge leaders around the world to urgently address the problem of human overpopulation before we are made victims.
We seek solutions bearing in mind that until now history has taught us that any true solution always comes from someone who thinks outside the commonly accepted paradigms.
The best way out of this situation is to use consciousness and regulate the birth rate.


A democratic Planetary Government based on Humanitarianism and Paradism

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