Science and future
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Science is love. Science demystifies. Science saves.

The future in front of us will be wonderful! The future is science and spirituality, together as they should always be. In fact, there will be a future for humanity only if we succeed to increase constantly our spirituality level so that it equals our technology level. The future holds unimaginable treasures for humanity. No diseases, no hunger, no pain, as science can solve everything. Science can explain anything, from the taste of the food to the love itself, as love is a product of science! Science will make us living the biggest dream of humanity, the dream of heaven.

A new human being is going to be born. He is on the point to be born, and thanks of science the entire universe will belong to him, where we could go to live if we choose a planet to explore. That’s not a utopia, because science should always be free. We try to help science because science is the secret for a better life on Earth, for a better comprehension among races and people on the planet, and also for the progress of humanity as many people are suffering. People are starving, and in the same time we are spending billions in weapons for mass destruction. The weapons for mass destruction exist since long time, there are thousands of them but there are no laws against it. That’s really funny; the law was very fast in Europe against cloning. They are scared of what they don’t know. They are very primitive politicians. In addition, there is no law against something that we know very well, something that had been experimented at Hiroshima, in Japan, and we know how devastating it could be; but there are no laws against it!

We live in a really strange world, but science will win in the end. The public opinion is a victim of the primitive leaders. One has to understand that science on this little planet is still very primitive; we have a little more than one century of science, which is almost nothing. All that we think to know, it turns out to be wrong in the following years. Why? Because there is a kind of technology and science that are more important than the other ones: these are the computers, which are very important. Computers allow all the sciences in the world to progress, and without computers and informatics we would be 30 or 40 years behind in technology. Why computers? Because the power of computers doubled every year and this will produce some revolutions which are unthinkable for the old people ruling at present the planet and that are fossilized in their own traditions.

The only 2 things involved are to be in favor of or against science. People anti-science are scared of the future, and if we listened to them, we would be still riding horses. People in favor of science believe, and they are right, that the human genius can change its environment and improve it. Nothing can stop science and research, they will keep progressing in despite of the obscurantist attitude of the enemy of progress.

It is time for the scientists to be together with the goal of destroying the fear of the unknown and of replacing it by an excitation feeling of discovering the unknown, as the human genius is able to handle all the challenges that it will involve. This is the true philosophical and humanitarian meaning of science: to be free and boundless. The only ethic of science should be being free from any influence.

Education and consciousness make a scientist, and so it is important to gain access to the knowledge. Science must be used to serve the man and to free him, not to destroy and to alienate him.

Science opens us the road towards happiness.


Scientists, philosophers, artists around the world, you have always been exploited and betrayed by the political and economic powers that have turned your inventions into deadly weapons and your works in advertising for their ideologies, united you!

Leave these states that oppress you, forced to work in programs that do not interest you. Join us to start this organization which, at first,  will commercialize the fruits of your research, your inventions and works to  profit only yourself and nobody else!

Give up these organizations that are watching, spying on you in order to transform your equations and  calculations in destructive weapons and missiles!

Geniuses and inventors join to form the basis for a One World Government; before it's too late!


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