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“There is no reason for poverty considering  the level of technology we have today” 




The Paradism: The benefits of socialism without the working class - the dynamism of capitalism without speculation - a governance redistributive based on  Science, Intelligence and Love.

PARADISM: give all the jobs to machines and free the people

The perfect solution to the world economical and financial crashes and the explosion of new technologies making money and workforce obsolete: PARADISM

Paradism is a political system that is similar to communism but has no “proletariat.” In a paradist system, robots, nanobots and computers take the place of the proletariat or workforce. Paradism is based on new technologies, such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies. All production, tools, services and resources that can be efficient without even one human involved can be nationalized. The nationalization of all production, services and tools provided by robots renders money obsolete since these products, services and tools can now be free. Communism failed because the very existence of a proletariat created inefficiencies. Without the motivation of financial gain, the population had no incentive to work hard or to come up with creative solutions. Automated production eliminates this problem because computers and robots can be programmed for 100 percent efficiency. In addition, they can be more productive and active than human beings since they do not need rest, sleep or time off for holidays. Paradist nationalization includes all land and housing, with the exception of family homes. In a paradist system, elected politicians work only because they are devoted to humanity. They have no financial advantage or powers. Paradism must first be accepted democratically by a population that understands the advantage of a world without money, where everything is available to every person free of charge. For example, robots already produce cars worldwide with very few humans involved, and even those few will soon be completely replaced by robots. The same is true for food. Vegetables produced on farms will be harvested by robots, with technology that already exists. Robotized trucks can then deliver the produce directly to consumers, who will select what they want online. Services will be provided exactly the same way. For example, surgeon robots are already performing tasks more precisely than human surgeons can. Everything a human being can do can be done better by robots. Therefore, instead of working only for money, human beings can let all work be accomplished by robots and use their lives to do what they like – creating, doing research and studies, pursuing the arts, or meditating and achieving self-development. Under these conditions, the world will finally reach the level of paradise. That is why this system is called Paradism. A paradist system is the only possible next step for humanity. It is a process that leads to globalization (nationalization on a worldwide scale). Nationalization in a paradist process leads naturally to a world government, under which the globalization of all world resources is a matter of simple justice for all Humanity. We hope many people will start paradist political parties around the planet and promote this idea. Paradism is coming soon anyway. But the sooner it comes, the better, for it can avert the additional human suffering that will otherwise result from the more terrible and devastating economic crashes that still lie ahead, when all economic and financial systems currently in use fail worldwide.

The inspirer for the project Paradism was Rael leader of the Raelian Movement  on  September 30, 2009 www.paradism.org


Summarize here the essential points of the paradism:

- The paradism is base on the new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies

- All the production tools, the services, the resources which can work without a human being can be nationalized.

- The nationalization of all the production, the services and the tools which supply robots make money obsolete because these services, products and tools can henceforth be free.

- The communism failed because of the existence of a proletariat which creates the ineffectiveness. Without the lure of profits, the population has no motivation to work or to be creative. The automated production eliminates this problem because computers and robots are programs for 100 % efficiency. And more, robots can be more productive and active than the human beings because they do not need to rest, to sleep or to go on holidays.

- The paradist nationalization includes the nationalization of all the lands and the houses, with the exception of the family house.

- In a system paradist, the elected politicians work only because they are devoted to the humanity. They have no financial advantage or power.

- The paradism has to be at first accept democratically by the population which includes the advantages of a world without currency where everything is available for each free of charge. For example, in the world robots already produce cars with very few people involve, and even those will soon be replace by robots.

- The same thing is true for the food. Vegetables produced in farms will be harvests by robots with a technology which already exists. Automated trucks can deliver products directly to the consumer who will select what he wishes on-line.

- The services will be supplied exactly in the same way. For example, robots surgeons already make operations much better than the surgeons can make them.

- All what a human being can make can be better made by robots.

. - So, instead of working for money, men and women can let robots work and use their time to do what they like: create, do research, study, develop their art, meditate and reach their personal fulfilment. Under these conditions, the world will reach finally paradise. It is why this system is called the paradism.

Where there is love, miracles always occur

(Willa Cather)

Discover and participate in the development
of Paradism in your country

Building together a more human world where every individual is sovereign of his own person.
Replace the world governments and States by a college of guidance and where the sole power of the elected representatives is that of bringing their competences to serve, guide and insure the equitable distribution of resources.

Paradism is:
replace the governing principles of the State by those of "Guidance" of citizens’ projects by taking away the powers tied to functions of the actual elected representatives.
• first of all, abolish politicking by eliminating all ruling classes.

• take away the economic power of high finance and give back to the States.
• entrust the roles of managers and administrators of the State to candidates who can prove their competences, their intelligence and a deep sense of humanitarianism as well as great qualities of guidance and not of power.
• acknowledge and teach the individual sovereignty of the citizens and his corollary
the individual as collective responsibility.
• encourage science to develop technologies liberating man of job as quickly as possible.
• implement the redistribution of wealth by giving everyone a minimum income of existence.
• encourage the practice of Arts.
• train youth to undertake and achieved.
• create a climate of trust in the humanity’s future with a humanitarist policy and diplomacy
• propose to citizens some society projects and encourage the development with  proper scientific, technological and financial means.
• international campaign for the freedom of circulation across the world.
• print a common currency, prelude to the disappearance of money.
• dissolve the national army and institutionalize an international army of peace keepers.
• bring urgent answers to regulate the galloping demography, cause of drama and

Worldwide revolution of the 99 % seen through psychology

Overcome current paradigms to create Paradism on Earth

altEric Remacle, a Raelian guide , graduate in applied psychology from the Belgium higher studies institute, pedagogic manager of an office of training and training officer in Emotional Intelligence and change management.

For the first time in all of humanity's history an unprecedented worldwide revolution is emerging through a powerful citizen movement who is fed up at the same time on the Internet and on the streets of the whole world. An insurrection of conscience is in motion. From a psychological point of view, we can say that a planetary conscience is borne.

Indignation is global facing a worldwide uncontrollable economy (1), creating a true money dictatorship through an economic liberalism that has certainly create wealth but even more impoverishment, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, increased inequalities, accentuated the degradation of poverty in misery and intensified the corruption of the 1 % which detain 99 % of the world richness. (2).

This worldwide system which governs us is an ideology of bankruptcy with fossilized institutions that prove to be unable to solve humanity's vital problems.

However besides being aware of these points, no political party is able to bring innovative and credible alternatives in a system whose functioning mode is selfishness, where each one struggles for its survival ... in fact I think that the reason is psychological.

Let us note first that the material comforts did not bring mental wellbeing, our modern societies suffer from a lack of empathy, benevolence, kindness, trust and commiseration.

This two speed humanity suffers on the one hand from loneliness, from moral misery, from destructive stress, from intoxication by bad foods and pollution and on the other hand of famine, tortures, daily massacres which makes that every minute an innumerable dose of human suffering is generated on this planet.

Our system is condemned to death or transformation. All nations and regions being interdependent, policy will have to be worldwide to operate a true transformation of the human society. But before organizing and orientating a worldwide political thought, psychology shows us that it is first necessary to change paradigm so that a true humanity can be born.

A paradigm is a system of presentations which regroups in a given epoch all experiments, beliefs and values which influence the way an individual receives reality and reacts to it. (1) Paradigms are composed of traditions and habits that are very hard to change. The paradigm says: “We always did it this way, there are no reason to see things differently, even if we have many disadvantages“. It's a way of see ing things that prevent from identifying what could be better and different. So we always tried to decrease unemployment whereas automation replaces the human workforce in a exponential way while the majority of human beings do not like to work (if it's not a passion). It is here a demonstration of the limits of a paradigm that states that in order for our society to function, it is absolutely necessary that the human being, or some of them work. Isn't it one of the many paradigms to transcend?

Changing paradigms requires to radically change our way of thinking, and not to try any more to solve a problem with the usual way of thinking . As Einstein said: “We do not solve a problem with modes of thought that created it”. Studies on the different logical levels of changes made by the famous anthropologist, psychologist and epistemologist Gregory Bateson, show that if the resolution of problems does not find a solution by simply rearranging the known elements, one must find something new, which requires another level of conscience. (4)

Actual neurosciences show that if we think about a problem by using our neo-limbic brain, no really creative solution will pop up, on the contrary if we do what is called in neurosciences a "switch", that is to say to switch in prefrontal mode, by using this less commonly-used cerebrum, we can reach a superior conscience. (5) It is notably illustrated by the Koan, these enigmas of Buddhism zen, which exist to teach us to exceed classical logic, in order to solve an apparently impossible enigma.

It is what we need to transcend the paradigms that prevent us from finding innovative, credible and creative solutions to completely transform our economic and governance systems.

The first paradigm to transcend for a true worldwide revolution is therefore the one which makes us believe that for our societies to function properly, it is imperative that the human being, or some of the human beings, work. This is a restricted thought and today is not true any more. There is in fact abundance of intelligences and riches on Earth so that no more human being is obliged to work to survive; a reorganization would suffice.

If we add science from this perspective, it is even more true: artificial intelligence, combined with robotics and nanotechnology will in a very short time allow to provide all the necessary workforce so that each of the7 billion individuals can have a decent life without working. These new sciences will gradually allow the complete abolition of all types of existing industries since any food, object, home, means of locomotion will be able to be created on site without workers thanks to the programming of atoms.

This brings us to the second paradigm, which makes us believe that we need money and governments such as we know them nowadays. This is another restrictive thought, which is contradicted by the fact that science will allow everyone to get without any counterbalance and in abundance, food and high quality accommodation. Science will also allow to abolish suffering, old age and even death. No more reasons for fears, selfishness, jealousies and frustrations any more, the human being will find his essential nature, which is according to the latest researches in psychology and social sciences, a profoundly good nature, empathic and benevolent. (7)

Social collaboration will be natural, making obsolete the laws and current governments.

If you think that the human being can only bloom through job and that without work and with all this leisure time, this one is going to get bored, it is that you are prisoner of this third paradigm, expressed through the founder idea of many nations: “job, family, fatherland”.

It is possible to see in another way by raising one's conscience: today, the fatherland is the whole Earth with a human family of 7 billion human beings or there are no “others”, but brothers and sisters who share the same destiny. Concerning work, if it is not freely chosen and source of creation, this one is defaming and deafening. So, what will the human being do with all this leisure time? He will dedicate himself to its deep nature ,which is also poetic, sensual and artistic. Aesthetic wonder and scientific and artistic creation will help the human being to blossom.

It is only with these paradigms changes, the above 3 as examples, that a true worldwide revolution will happen bringing individual and collective happiness. It is what Paradism offers in concrete terms.

Read numerous articles on the technological advances by subscribing to Rael Science at: www.raelnews.org

1.The 2012 World Economic Forum in Davos opened with an amazing theme "The great transformation, to find new models of leadership and capitalism “ Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, admitted himself that capitalism is outmoded! The 2012 World Economic Forum in Davos joins for the first time the same visions as the alternative World Social forum in Porto Alegre.

2. http://www.geopopulation.com/20101125/qui-detient-la-richesse-mondiale/ et http://www.inegalites.fr/spip.php?article1393 article on The sharing out of wealth in the world.

3. The reader will find more ample explanation in the excellent book: Un nouveau paradigme : Pour comprendre le monde d'aujourd'hui de Alain Touraine, éditions Fayard 2005

4. Gregory Bateson , Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Chandler publications for health sciences 1972.

5. According to the famous French Behaviour Neurocognitive Approach (ANC) of Jacques Fradin

6. Read numerous articles on the technological advances by subscribing to Rael Science at: www.raelnews.org

7. Social sciences represent an interdisciplinary approach consisting of biology, neurosciences and a social psychology. His purposes are to understand the biological mechanisms which underlie interpersonal, dynamic and complex relations between the individuals.

Eric Remacle

WHAT IS PARADISM  by Marcus Dr Wenner

marcusWhat is paradism? Lets get this straight right from the start, it is NOT the promise of a happy afterlife. It IS however, the creation of an ideal world right now, before we die, and open to anyone whatever their faith or atheism.

It is using our intelligence to create a world adapted for human beings rather than coercion forcing humans to adapt to the present world. By this definition, it uses the latest science to understand every human need, be they biological, spiritual or social and the latest technology to provide for those needs for everyone equitably.

And it is those needs which are the crux of the matter, without them humans cannot enjoy their full potential, just as a body deprived of its essential vitamins can never be healthy.

The question is what needs are essential and what is preventing an equitable distribution? Many needs such as hygiene, or healthy lifestyles were simply not known about in the past due to plain ignorance, others such as touch and sensuality were forbidden by taboo ridden primitive beliefs, others such as contemplation and art for pleasure's sake were not practical in the constant struggle for survival, while those such as freedom of choice or speech were deliberately restricted by the greedy few to retain their power, which itself is based on the fear of losing ones source of fulfilment.

However we are fast approaching a situation where it is essential to organise our world so that everyone has their needs fulfilled. Science has brought us the means for a dissatisfied minority to destroy the world for everyone, and yet it has also brought us the solution. It has brought us the science to understand our true needs, not based on superstition or bigotry but on objective scientific evidence, and it has brought us the technology to fulfil all those needs for everyone; we just need to be ready for it psychologically, to let go of our fears of the past and organise ourselves so that love and humanity win over greed and ignorance.

All these themes and the solutions brought by Paradism will be explored in greater detail in subsequent articles.

THE PARADISM by David Uzal (Brasil)

Why Paradism? The basic answer to this question lies in another question: what systems have we had so far? Communism, scientific socialism, liberalism, capitalism! Which of these systems has effectively solved the issue of production of goods, redistribution and appropriate means of governing? The collapse of communism has demonstrated, if need be, that forced  common consent was doomed to failure. The collapse of capitalism will lead to the same conclusions about frenzied individualism. They are already more than anticipated by the spontaneous revolutionary forces, but if they have the power to oppose an unjust and decadent society, they nevertheless fall short at this time of proposing a consistent alternative. Deconstructing the world as it is deserves merit. Offering a perspective that gives order to chaos and creates "paradise" on earth, is much more exciting and promising! Is it impossible? Why would it be? Is the human mind not able to establish the optimal conditions for life? Paradism welcomes those who believe in human beings, their talents and ability to solve the seemingly insurmountable challenge that has been challenging them since birth, the accommodation of individual needs and collective needs. Communism denied the individual in favor of a degrading community. Liberalism denies the community in favor of individual well-being only. Both were partly right. Paradism reunites these fragmented truths. It goes beyond all previous proposals, by freeing forced labor, establishing the Human Rights as a universal Civil Code, breaking taboos and primitive inhibitors. Furthermore, it proposes that the affairs of the world not be managed according to corporate interests or electoral movements, but in a sincere concern and headed by institutions concerned by the common good. According to Hegel, love had nothing to do with the State. If reason should guide governance, love cannot be ruled out. Paradism invokes what has been regarded until now as belonging to the private sphere. Love is not a simple emotion, an exchange of sentiments that is foreign to governments, but the foundation on which grows the political decision which ceases to be the application of methods and rules but is sublimated by love, driven by a desire of happiness for others. Empathy is the binder. The insensitive and calculating State loses its prerogatives and is replaced by the invigorating power of a positive feeling that infuses not only the ideas but establishes direct links from individual to individual in a package that happens to be an interactive and living rather than a rigid pre-constituted superposition. Add to this the pleasure which is introduced in the heart of power. Providing a human being material and moral conditions for his existence is not enough! Indeed morality disappears, superseded by politeness. Absolute freedom with just as absolute respect, serving in the pursuit of happiness. Man’s purpose is not to suffer nor to do forced labor, nor kill someone, but to enjoy his mind and body. By combining the exponential progress of technology in a bold and just distributive system, which until recently was unthinkable, is what can create Paradise on Earth. This implies a shift of old thinking; that Man is bad, unless under the yoke of a state interest, force of a moral or fear, and replaces this thinking with confidence in the inherent goodness and intelligence of Man. Combined with science and wisdom, the solutions are unlimited and even better could generate a civilization that does not suffer anymore but rather anticipates and consequently provides solutions. This is not a utopia but the only way! Either Man is good and he deserves the best conditions to extend his existence, or he’s evil and disoriented technology will take care of putting an end to a species that does not deserve to go further. It is not simply a choice between Paradism or something else, but a choice to voluntarily take part in a humanity that we decide to love, or to condemn it and leave it marginal, sliding inexorably to "hell", including pollution, radioactivity, overpopulation, wars, famines and other calamities that are just the tip of the iceberg. Catastrophic fatality? On the contrary, since Paradism emphasizes our power to choose. Paradism is merely the affirmation of the power of human beings serving their own happiness!


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