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In my opinion  the only salvation for civilization and the human race lies in the creation of a  world government,

with security of nations founded upon law.

As long as sovereign state continue to have separate armaments and armament secrets,

new world wars will be inevitable.

Albert Einstein


Technology can free humanity from politicians. Already thanks to the internet, people can vote  online and no longer need to be represented by deceiving politicians. There is no need to make  laws when people can live together in harmony as sovereign beings under Natural Law.  We can create an egalitarian society where everyone cooperates freely for the well-being of  the whole.

Earth People's Organisation

the happiness of our planet through the creation of

a world government of wise

“EARTH PEOPLE ORGANISATION” is intended to unite all the organizations that support Paradism in the world. It's the point of reference to think about projects to spread Paradism on Earth, the goal for everyone is the same: to make Earth a Paradise.

What is Earth People Organisation ?

The name of the site literally means « the Organisation of the Peoples on Earth ». Humanity must be considered as a unique People without discriminating any race, culture, religion, minority or any special group. Beyond our own choices, each one of us needs to feel happy to exist  in connection with everybody else because each person is a part of this Humanity. Our organisation proposes to support all the initiatives aiming to bring forth political changes at an international level and even to act in various directions so that a World Government can take place as soon as possible, in the interest of all the peoples on Earth. It would be a Counselling Body for the Guidance of the peoples, for the people.

A  World Government or a guidance body for the achievement of a generous civil humanity ?

A World Government is something deeply wished for by a great number of people throughout the world .This is a thrilling realization for the unity of all the peoples is truly  the safest way we must all follow.

However the governing model we have so far imitated cannot guarantee that our harmony and happiness project for all the peoples will succeed.

Any government wants to govern, that is to make use of “power” for its own purposes. This implies  a  governing system that too often leads rulers to make personal and even purely election-linked decisions, sometimes to satisfy their ego and greed. We can witness this practically in all the countries round the world. Soon after election day these country, party, ministry, region or city leaders forget what they were elected for.

What a shocking sight it is! Obviously for over two centuries not one Government, democratically elected, has been able to make the proper decisions in order to avoid repeated issues such as wars, holocausts, genocides, economic and monetary collapses, pollution and  world hunger.

Paradism does not wish to see States ruled by those fame-and-fortune-thirsty personalities. This is why our project proposes to boil down the  systems of the « governance of the peoples » to  a much more respectful one  called the  « guidance of consciences ».

Acclaimed by all Earth peoples, the High Counselling Body, devoid of all «political power» and backed up by an administration really at the service of humanity, does its utmost to implement  paradism over all the planet by maintaining the respect of « natural order » as well as the sovereignty of each individual.

The various roles assigned to this Body can be found in the phrase: “guiding is foreseeing”.

The High Counselling Body‘s mission is to study the state of the world, to identify its needs and seek the best responses with adapted means.

By sifting the appraisal results through a Human Rights watch, this Body will breathe into each people the  most potentially beneficial choices and means to give way to a much better balanced world community.

This Body will supervise the guidance in each continent and guarantee the sovereignty of each individual.

.It will make sure that this planetary management model is enforced everywhere it was accepted. This guidance principle can be reproduced on each continent and in all the places where a governance  constitution exists.

We have reached a time when the decisions once made are irreversible. We have enough energy for either the creation of paradise on Earth or the creation of hell with the triggering of a brutal end.

You may very well be trying to save the planet ecologically, which is fair enough. However you need to  think of the fact that our planet will always be part of the universe whatever human beings may decide while humanity will only survive provided we cherish it and implement all the means to save it.

Do you still wish to entrust your future to an obsolete political system serving arrogant rulers,  incompetent and yet liable for their actions, or do you feel like taking part in the  blossoming of paradism that wants intelligence, the love of humanity, compassion and the wise use of science to be at the service of human beings?

It is up to you.

What is Humanitarism ?

Humanitarism is an ideal movement based on the profound conviction that all human beings are entitled to dignity and sovereignty. Which entails the duty to eliminate suffering and ensure  that fundamental rights are respected. This is a response to the existential needs of each individual.

What is Paradism ?

Paradism will have to be accepted democratically by a population who has understood the advantages of a world rid of money, where everything is at everybody’s disposal free. In a   paradistic system robots and nanorobots replace proletariat and labour. Paradism is based on  new technologies such as robotics, genetics and nanotechnology. Each kind of human labour  is replaced by robots, nanorobots or computers. All that a human being can do can be better done by a robot. So, as robots are used to carry out painstaking tasks, instead of working with the sole purpose of making a lot of money and supporting themselves, human beings will be able to dedicate themselves uniquely to pleasures like creating, doing research, studying, arts or  personal development through meditation. Then the world will really become a terrestrial paradise. This is why the system is  called « Paradism »


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