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Never doubt that a small group of citizens decides to change the world.

It 'always like this has happened.

(Margaret Mead)

 ezael Gian Elio De Marco Ezael (Italy)

founder of Earth People Organisation

I am an artist and philanthropist,  I am the president of the first political movement paradistic founded in Italy,  called Movement for the Paradism,  which aims to speed up  the process to the paradism and I am active member and Guide of the International Raelian Movement, a non-profit organization.  I had the opportunity to experience life which helped me to  better understand of the human being. I always thought that science should be the religion that links us all on this planet, because it could be an important key to solving problems and make easier our lives easier. In this world, there are many gifted people who would be happy to dedicate their time for the good of humanity. The human brain is a marvellous biological computer and I think that we should all use this computer to finally create together a better world for all, the paradise on Earth. I always believed in a world of peace, love and harmony, without poverty, without hunger and misery in which lasting abundance is available for every human being. Following the synthesis of marvellous ideas from many people on the real needs and the state uneasyness which predominates in humanity, the  Earth People Organization was born, a project that belongs to each one of us and it is our choice to be part of it and to save this humanity. The Paradism project is the ideal way to get involved and to make this world a better place for us all. The human race deserves happiness and we are working to make it happens. I hope that wisdom will predominate as soon as possible, because humanity has suffered enough, only love can save it, and this project is only based on love.

JpierreJean Pierre Saulnier (France)

co-founder of Earth People Orgasnisation

Raelian Guide

President of the Movement For Paradism (France)

Born on November 15th, 1945 in Vittel – France

He had and brought up his four children with his ex-spouse until their adult age. For the last fifteen years, he is in a open relationship.

A professional course which started from the age of fourteen as owner of a newspapers and of periodical magazines sale business. At 17, after three years of activity, and selling his business, he joins the National Navy during five years where he will acquire his nurse's certificate and exercise this job as much in hospitals as onboard.

At twenty-two years, after the birth of his first child, he leaves the National Navy and pursues his job in a medical intervention unit in the steel industry during 18 years. Today and for fourteen years now, he is “Adviser to firms, finance and human resources”.

During his professional course in the steel industry, he was named, in parallel, workers' representative where he defended the cause and rights of the staff during several years. During the same period he will exercise a political militant activity and will be named by its party, substitute candidate in the legislative elections of 1973. Losing by a small margin, he will continue his political commitment until October 1974.

At this stage of his life, while he went for a walk in nature in an  isolated place near home, he witnessed a space phenomenon (low flying UFO close to him) which will be a major turn in his life. Some weeks after this event, he meets Rael and discovers the mission which Rael accepted from a space visitor. Understanding the importance and weight of the load carried by Rael, he  interrupts all political activity and gets involved completely at his sides, in parallel of his occupation. He will participate in the development of the “International Raelian Movement” and will be responsible for establishing it in his country (France) and also in others European countries.

Very sensitive and prepared for political activity, he will associate  his competences to the creation of EARTH PEOPLE ORGANIZATION (E.P.O .) founded to introduce and develop the various political aspects contained in the messages which Rael accepted in December 13th, 1973 from the hands of this space visitor. Co-founder of E.P.O , he will be a motor of the development of the political groups satellites of E.P.O. called “Movement for Paradism”. These political organizations come into the world in 2010 and spread on all continents to bring a serie of answers to the urgent and inevitable needs of humanity.

Jean Pierre Saulnier is President of Movement for Paradism in France today.

Marcus Wenner (United Kingdom)

My label is Doctor of Neuroscience and Medical Practitioner but in fact I am a prostitute; like most people, I sell my mind for money, in my case to the National Health Service. However, like all human beings I am really a multifaceted person who enjoys all the arts as I do science, who enjoys self discovery and hedonistic pleasures, who yearns to fulfil my potential and would love to stop and chat, but sorry I do not have time, as I am too busy selling my mind to "earn a living" and pay my taxes to support a government and social system that I do not approve of.

I do not approve of  the Ponzi Scheme that we call capitalism because it is non-sustainable in a finite world. Capitalism means that we get more money out than we put in; so in a finite pool, the majority will lose out to the minority. I do not believe that we have to step on others to raise ourselves higher, nor start a war to increase wealth, and most of all I do not believe we should have to work all our lives doing things we have not chosen to do, since today we have the technology to make robots to do all the hard work, leaving us humans the pleasurable privilege of creating, choosing and enjoying. Compared to the millions spent on smart-bombs and war techniques, it would be child's play to automate all food production, luxury production, house production, clothing and all the basic necessities in a sustainable way, so that everyone can have access to this for free. If its free, then there would be no need for money, so no need to profit from someone else's hard labour, so no need to cut corners on quality to make a fast buck, so no need for cost-cutting pesticides which poison our children, no need for inbuilt obsolescence which wastes resources, no need for poverty, no class war, no crime.

Suddenly there is a paradigm shift and finally, after thousands of years of trying to force round pegs into a square holes, society would be adapted for humans instead of humans forced to adapt to society. Only then could we truly rediscover the child in us, each day we could chose what we want to do, such as learn music, art, science, we could even plant potatoes if we really wanted to, the point is that we wont have to do anything to survive, but only if we chose to, allowing us to rediscover the true meaning of doing things, as we did when we were kids. That's to say we do it for the pure pleasure of doing it, and the pleasure of giving to others and contributing to society. It is not how much money or how much bling you can sparkle at others, it will be how much love you give to others which will be desirable qualities, and love and consciousness will become the new and natural currencies of the future.

It is urgent that we create such a world now because only a society where everyone is fulfilled materially and spiritually can survive into the next few decades.  One thousand years ago, a dissatisfied person could only kill one person a day with a knife, not good news for that one person, but not threatening for humanity either. One hundred years ago, a gun could only kill one hundred people a day, but tomorrow, with internet access to multiple destructive technologies, one person could threaten the whole of humanity, so the only truly sustainable and viable society is one where everyone has all their needs fulfilled. You are only truly free when everyone is free. So for the sake of humanity, we have to change our own paradigms now.

Jarel ( Australia)

I am an electrical engineer by trade and I work now in IT in Australia. I learnt the concept of Paradism over 30 years ago and it has guided my  political life ever since. In the early 90s I have even written a book titled "Paradise is 100%  unemployment". It didn't make sense to me that there was so much  unemployement, so much work needed to be done and so many people wanting  to work all at the same time. It became so obvious something is really  going wrong. The situation today is even more acute than back then. All the  indicators are there that show that  we have reached the time for a  paradigm shift. The current economical and political structures are  decaying to the point of total collapse. The revolution has already  started with the people all over the world "occupying". But they have  very little directions or ideas about what is supposed to come next.  They ask for more jobs which is a really stupid things to do at a time  when we could free humanity from all kind of labour. Just look at any  sector of the economy. The only jobs we are now creating are for the  machines. What they really want is not jobs but freedom. And that what  Paradism is all about. Paradism will free all the people from their  slavery. A slavery imposed by a society where you either work, beg or die. Paradism will also bring freedom by abolishing the people's enslavement  by all forms of powers. This is also something that I have been  passionate about and that will need to be better explained as many  people don't really understand how this could work. Much needs to be  done to educate the people about their individual sovereignty and the  Natural Law by which they can live together in harmony. Today the people of the revolution are marching but they don't know  where. Not knowing they will destroy what is without anything better to  replace with. It is therefore critical that we bring them the concepts  of paradism, the keys to a golden age. The longer we wait, the more  suffering and the more painful the transition. Here in Australia we are a small group of people and we are active on an  individual level at this stage participating in the Occupy Movement.  Behind the scene we are working on a video animation that we hope to  release by the end of the year. It takes much more time and energy than  expected. We want the quality to be good enough not only to become a  viral phenomenon on line but to be used also as material for our future  lectures on Paradism around the country. We look forward to co-creating with you all paradise on earth thanks to  this fantastic Paradism movement that is taking place.

Mehran Saam, PhD (USA)

Leading the way to the full realization of human freedom

We are about the solution.

Two categories of widespread global problems have led to two undesirable and repugnant consequences.  The problems are: 1) Plutocracy, the rule of wealth, government controlled by the wealthy for the wealthy, and 2) Overpopulation, poverty, lack of education, dogma, and fanaticism.  These problems have led to two repugnant consequences: A) The military and the use of force as the main feasible means of world governance in the uncreative and rotten minds of our political leaders, and B) Political and economic collapse of countries across the globe.

Two solutions are offered to be implemented with the help of genuises and the experts in relevant social, economic and political fields.  The solutions are: 1) Paradism as the most meaningful way of governance in line with human values and freedoms, and 2) Geniocracy as the most intelligent way to foresee and govern the rapidly evolving human communities for the long term utilizing the transformative powers of sciences and technology.

Progress towards paradism will be made where there are receptive minds and receptive governing bodies and communities.  We will promote these ideas by all means possible and seek out interested parties for collaboration and implementation of any aspects of paradism where communities may be ready to embark on a new way of governing themselves away from the rule of wealth and power towards the spirit of sharing, collaboration and utilization of science and technology for the benefit of all.

The fundamental breakdown and transformation of the authoritarian landscape of our world has already begun. The economic collapse of countries and the global Occupy movement are just two recent instances foreshadowing what is on the horizon.  In addition to the promotion of paradism and the collaborative efforts we are engaged in, and to accelerate the dissolution of this rotten system, a virtual world government is being established as well on the ideas of paradism and geniocracy.

Cyber-engagement combined with virtual resources will enable us to reach out to millions of sympathetic individuals and the young minds across the globe in a matter of hours to bring about swift mobilization and transformation of society.  Some examples of how quickly taboos and societal norms can be transformed are: freehugscampaign.org, improveverywhere.com, The No Pants Subway Ride, and flashmobamerica.com.

Obviously Paradism community seeks help and support on all fronts.  So contact us and let us know if you want to be involved and we will pool our energy and resources together to take greater strides towards a paradise on earth.  These are exciting times when after generations of great hope and desire, huge cracks have finally appeared in the rotten systems.  We are finally able to start building a brand new future where children and adults may well be truely happy for just being alive on this beautiful blue planet, and where everyone lives towards true and greater self-fulfilment, creativity and joy.

We human beings were born to laugh, to be happy, to share, to love each other, to love ourselves and to love life.  Now we can build a system and a world that is deserving of our higher aspirations of kindness and love, a world that we aspire to and we deserve.  A world where love, creativity and happiness are the measure of a man, not wealth or power.  We are not shy, afraid or timid anymore.  We now dare.  We now dare to imagine as we wish, to love as we wish and to build a loving society as we wish. This is just the beginning.


Issa MoussaIssa Mouanda (Congo)

Our determination, our political choice, the choice of our system to organize social and economic development, social and cultural development, which we have all made, holds us all responsible and commits us. These choices allow us to be the pioneers of Paradism in Africa and the Congo. This historic day of the General Assembly of the First Movement for Paradism in Africa is precisely taking place in the Republic of Congo. Brazzaville, the country where the administrative and political capital was the former capital of Free France and French Equatorial Africa. The conclusions that we make will allow us to unite even more to engage collectively in making Congo and Africa a paradise for all and for the good of all.

HideakiHideaki Numakura  (Japan)

The revolution
For a world without borders
For a world without money
For a world without weapons

It’s time for us to stand up!

To get rid of starvation all over the world
To free refugees all over the world
Let's stand up and get rid of the dictatorship of the world financial group
It’s time for us to stand up!

Stand up people!!!

Let's make a world where all people can share profit!
Let's make a world where all people are not discriminated!
Let's make a world where all people can realize themselves!
OK, let's implement the humanitarian principle and Paradism!

Paradism is uniting the Yin and Yang with the humanitarian principle.

Here is the route for our revolution to succeed

Seung Joon (South Korea).

First of all, welcome to our Paradism website. And I'm sure that you can meet remarkable visions for our world. I'm just a normal person living normal life as office worker.  It means that I'm not a man politic as well as philosophic.  But the paradism showed me more meaningful way in my life.  Yes, It has changed my life. The revolution will not come from the another "Bolshevist". We normal persons should have the main role in this play.  It is time to get to change the world.  The paradism is the only solution to solve our planet's endless and terrible problems.  And it makes us feel that we still have hope and chance to save this world and our lives.  Yes, this is not only for world, but also for ourselves. We are the part of world. And in fact, we are our world itself.  Please remember we are ONE.   It is the first step to recognize that we are in the edge to exploit our world by our greed.  We are meeting the revenge of our world that we made and we are destroying.  No exception. No shelter.  Please listen to the appeals from this website.  You can find what you can do, and what you should do, too.  Dear my sisters and brothers on the planet. Please remember that this time could be our last chance, ever. Please remember that THE key is in your pocket. And please remember that you are the only one who take THE key out.  Please enjoy your time at this visionary website. Let me give you my all love and respect. Thanks a lot.

Kenny Stolpe (Sweden)

I currently live in Sweden, but I see myself as a citizen of planet Earth. As long as I can remember I have dreamt of a world with peace and wealth for everyone. It makes me frustrated to see how unintelligently our world is run and what a corrupt system we have, or rather a system that creates sick, greedy and corrupt behaviours and decisions. But it also makes me happy to see that more and more people today stand up and say "enough". More and more people want change. As the world gets more and more connected I also think that more people start to see further than their own family and their own home. This is a great start, but it's not enough to criticize what is wrong, we need to construct the future we want, and we have all have to take action to make it happen.
My vision for the Movement for Paradism in Sweden is that we'll get at least  four percent of the votes in the next election, year 2014, and thus enter the parliament. And if we don't, I am sure that our ideas will still influence the other parties and push them to take steps in the direction of a jobless and money free society. I believe that one of the first and most important steps towards a "paradistic" sociaty is a basic income for everyone. This will help to orient society towards cooperation instead of competition, and towards creative, productive and sustainable activities, compared to more or less forced paid slavery (called job). We will be asking "what do I really want and enjoy to do, and how can I contribute to society?" compared to the stressful situation where you say "I have to get a job to make money, no matter if I like or not". I think that the support for this is already strong among the population, though very few talk about it in the media and in the main parties. One of the most important issues in today's politics seems to be about "creating jobs" and I laugh every time I hear this backward way of thinking and this charade. We will be a truly revolutionary party that will address the root of today's problem. Many will tell us that it is "impossible", but since society is you and me, we are the ones to decide what is possible, no matter what the so called experts say. A society where less and less people need to work is coming no matter if we want or not. This is thanks to automation and all kinds of technical progress, but it's also inherited in today's capitalistic system where lowering costs and increasing productivity are some of the main forces. Let's just make this transition as smooth and positive as possible! Peace, love and freedom

Mitja Urbancic (Slovenia)

 The necessity, that is to say the love and logic of paradism, were obvious right away, and after contacting Earth People Organization, it started developing the project in Slovenia too. Because it is a young movement, I felt the desire to share all the brilliant ideas it brings. Now we are planning revolutionary projects, one of them is to bring paradism in the Slovenian parliament. As reality demonstrated also in many other countries, the governments do not bring much hope to people who intelligently choose not to vote. Paradism brings love and practical solutions to the problems of humanity and in Slovenia also there are more and more people who are realizing this: the only future for humanity is a future that is based on love and intelligence, and that wisely turns to paradism as soon as possible.

Zena Sandrine Delaloye (Swiss)

Secretariat: Earth People Organization

Power destroys freedom, corrupted and greedy policy leads us towards the chasm of the capitalist system, which wobbles dangerously and it is not good to live a life filled with serinity, joy and love, and that is why I am a revolutionary, I am called Zena and I am part of the Raelian Movement and I am a member of Movement for Paradism in Italy, which advocates happiness, universal love for a new revolution and development of the system. Nowadays, we are in a destructive economic crisis and so much the better, because it means the end of the actual government. Let us replace these old principles with other structures more adapted for our times. Come with us, join us to change the world and make it a true paradise, where there will be no more injustice, misery, corruption, violence, no more money and work, only pleasure, do you like that! If you really want to find the happiness within you, then do not hesitate to register and support us. Your love is the most important for saving the humanity.


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