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The Movement for the Paradism (MFP) began his adventure in January 2011. Currently, the movement is present in the following countries:

Italy, founded in January 2011 the first political movement, whose purpose is to accelerate the change process to achieve the project Paradism. President Gian Elio De Marco Ezael 

France, founded in February 2011 the second political movement, having the same purpose. President Jean Pierre Saulnier  http://www.mouvement-pour-le-paradisme.fr

Switzerland, founded in July 2012. Political Movement. President Dana Von Gunten  www.paradisme.ch

Congo, founded in December 2012, Political Movement, the first Movement Paradist in Africa. President Issa Mouanda

Belgium, founded in April 2013, a political movement; president Marie-Hélène Trigalet

Slovenia, founded june 2011. Responsible Mitja Urbancic www.paradizem.si

Ivory Coast, Sweden, Romania, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany and the U.S., are being organized for the same purpose,  that for the associations and political movement. All movements are referred to the site of the Earth People Organisation. The Organization paradism.org is spreading worldwide, is present in all continents.


If you wish to establish an association or party, with the aim of spreading the Paradism, go to How to establish the Movement for Paradism in your country.


Movements already active

How to establish the Movement for the Paradism in your country

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