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Choose to participate in the development of Paradism in your country

The Movement for Paradism is a unique international organization that works to establish Paradise on Earth as soon as possible, so it is worth working together to make people aware  of the necessity that the only way to save humanity from war, poverty, slavery, labour and money, is to implement Paradism because economic crises will become more and more frequent and disastrous. Now that we have reached a level of scientific knowledge, we can increase expenditure on research by reducing military expenditure which is enormous. Only science will allow us to implement Paradism.

Politics has proved incapable to implement it, to the detriment of the mass. So a radical change is needed in the politics of our countries because the way it is currently applied  not only perturbs populations but may lead to a still greater chaos.

The thirst for power and money has produced laws that enslave human beings and subject them to political and economic powers. It is time to get rid of corrupt politicians, greedy for power, through a political revolution: we do not need policies and laws that generate power. Power destroys freedom. With this Paradism project we can change the world.

Imagine a world without money. Without money there is no power, no corruption, no injustice, no crime, no hunger, no poverty. Everyone can have all they want without having to prostitute themselves for money. Because work is a form of slavery, a kind of prostitution. Politics is leading us to the fall of a capitalist system which is beginning to wobble dangerously. The inhabitants of Earth must become responsible and stop this dangerous trend. It is therefore necessary that the wise of this world make the right decisions before it is too late. Cooperation is the key word for the future of mankind. The Movement for Paradism is developing in different countries. In Italy was founded the first political party, and soon in France are already operational. Slovenia,  Sweden, Romania, the USA and Australia are getting organized.


There are two ways to form the Movement for Paradism (MFP) in your country:

1 - E-mail: < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > to ask permission.

Give the name of the person in charge  with contact information and activity.

Choose from the two options below.
2 - If you want to form an MFP Party,
or a political movement, request Status.

Give the name of the person in charge with contact information and activity.
3 - If you want to form an MFP Association, request Status

Give the name of the person in charge with contact information and activity.

In all cases, each country should have a single MFP party or a single MFP Association.

The purpose of the MFP Party is to accelerate the Paradism project and raise public awareness

The aim of the MFP Association is to raise public awareness


Movements already active

How to establish the Movement for the Paradism in your country

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