the revolution continues

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You can not solve a problem with the same mentality that created it.


The end of forced labour is near

Abolish ensclavement

Give the jobs to the machines

and free the people

May 1st International day

of Paradism

It's time to be united and they must hear us

Peoples of the world, stand up!

The discontent, the social and economic inequalities, the corporate greed, poverty and the difficulties are key grievances in each country. The increasing numbers of protests by citizens angered towards the political system that once again demonstrates his indifference, arrogance and its inability to make important choices for the common good. So it's time to change all that.




Changing the world depends on us

 occupy the Earth

another world is possible

Rael: “It's time for a

world revolution!”

Noting the large peaceful demonstrations taking place in major Brazilian cities, Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), is calling for more such protests to be held worldwide. “It's time for a world revolution,” he declared in a statement released today by the IRM. “Not a revolution to replace the governments, but a revolution to replace the whole system!"
For Rael, who is also the founder of Paradism and the author of “Geniocracy," there is no need to launch a revolution to replace politicians currently in power. Instead, we need to remove all politicians permanently, he says. “The world population should once and for all get rid of them and replace them with a system in which the people govern themselves without any professional politicians corrupted by huge multinational companies and lobbies," he explained. "We no longer need a revolution that would just give a little more to the poor, who are kept in slavery by the banking and credit systems. It's time for a revolution that will give back to the people the 80% of the world's wealth that today belongs to only 10%, the 10% who at the same time claim that they're 'promoting democracy.'" He added, "A real democracy is not so much a society allowing 1 vote per person. Instead, it's a society where there is 1 equal share of the world wealth per person. The best solution is Paradism, which is a natural evolution from communism but without the class conflict, since [under Paradism] the proletariat disappears. With Paradism, the proletariat is replaced by robots and computers and everybody enjoys a money-free world.”

To know more about Paradism, go to paradism.org

To know more about Geniocracy, go to geniocracy.org

Working is slavery

«Nobody is more a slave than the one who considers himself free without being free»
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

When somebody possesses you and you are obliged to work, you are slaves. The society for which you work possesses you. It gives you what you need to survive. As the slaves in the past had food and a shelter, the current workers are slaves. In the past, to control the slaves, they had big fences and rifles, now, to control the slaves, they need no more fences, they have the credit. Thirty years of slavery to pay one’s house. During 30 years, you cannot escape it. Every month, you pay for your car, your high-definition television set. The government and the companies of advertising transformed you into slaves. Are you not tired of being slaves? People think that it’s not possible to escape it, you too think so. No, you can. We do not need to work, we do not need money. Robots, computers and nanotechnologies combined can do what you do and even better than you. Surgery is a good example: robots are often the best surgeons. If computer can do our work, we do not need to do it. And because robots do not need to be paid, we do not need money. We can enjoy everything free of charge. It goes very fast. The economy is in ruin, all by itself! Wise men are not afraid because they know that it will lead to a world without money, without work. People are worried when they hear banks that collapse. When you see what takes place, be delighted! What takes place is an essential stage of this humanity: a world without money, without politics, without serviceman, without violence, a world where we can take advantage of life and the love which we can give. All this takes place because the monetary system collapses. We live the most inciting moment in the history of humanity. Although we should expect difficult times, these are going to allow us to live a fantastic period of great changes!




We are experiencing the most exciting era in the history of humanity, because revolutions are breaking out all over the world. The people are tired. Tired of politicians who think only about their own interests. Tired of be gears of a machine that forces them into prostitution in the name of profit. Tired of spending their lives sleeping, eating, producing and reproducing without any other purpose in life. That is why everyone in the world dream of a revolution. Because people want to be happy and give a meaning to their lives, surely not to hear about economic budgets or other similar nonsense. Who cares about those? No one. And in the meantime there are those who watch television and laughing wonder what government is going to fall next: probably theirs.

Soon the revolution will break out just where we least expect it to happen. Because this planet can be saved only if there is a world revolution. We need a revolution to get rid of this political system allowing the incapable to rise to power and to use our money to build more and more deadly weapons. We need a revolution to get rid of this political system that allows unscrupulous moneymakers to pollute our seas and to poison our food, making the Earth on which we live increasingly inhabitable.

We need a revolution to get rid of this political system that has made us into cold gears in a machine and sacrificed our lives at the altar of god “money”. The truth is that we do not need those who have dragged our planet and its humanity on the edge of the chasm, but we need wise people, elected democratically, to guide our choices without nothing to impose. And we do not need imaginary boundaries drawn on a piece of paper, but a united world and a world government to take care of all humanity, offering global solutions to global problems.

And we do not need to produce money, which only fattens the few and the powerful at the expense of the many and the weak. In the era of technological progress, science will soon be able to replace the human being, freeing him from the slavery of work and allowing him to devote himself solely to his own personal fulfillment, in a society that will ensure to fulfill all his needs for free.

That is the world that we all dreamed of. It's the Paradism

Paradism is a socio-political system through which the human being finds at last his own dignity and the role he deserves. Thanks to new technologies that will soon be available, he will no longer be forced to work to earn enough to live miserably, but will be able to simply enjoy the goods which science will produce for free and which a world government will distribute evenly.

This is the only government that people want.

And you who are reading these words, you have the choice whether to remain part of the gears of this mechanism that is slowly sucking your life away or to get up from your armchair and do something concrete so that Paradism can come about everywhere in the world, creating that utopic society that many people have dreamed of but nobody has been able to achieve. Because now is the time to do it. For the first time in history we finally have the means. And you can be the pioneer of this new era, he who will make a difference.

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