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The core values on which the Worldwide Government is based

The core values are guaranteed  the values ​​for which the Board of Governance is the guarantor, is a rule of progress  are: responsibility and absolute respect for life. Values of respect: for oneself, love and respect for others. Values of fraternity: non violence, worldwide peace, sharing of resources, democracy.

It’s of the utmost importance to restate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first step for humanity to stop malevolence towards ones fellow Man.

The core value is that “human beings accomplish themselves”, as much on an individual level as a social level. Human beings are currently absorbed by permanent suffering induced by obsolete and horrendous laws, paradigms. The Worldwide Government’s aim is put the system and technology at the service of human beings, and allow them to do what they were designed for : to think, create, blossom, love, seek pleasure with respect for others.


Every human being is responsible for his actions, even if done to comply with an order given. The one who kills someone is as responsible as the one who has ordered the killing, and this is valid in any circumstances. One must never comply with an order given by a leader or other supreme being, even a so-called God, if it’s contrary to one’s consciousness.

Absolute respect for life

Even if a political or religious power made us believe that killing one single person could save all humanity, we should not kill that person. The life of one single non-violent human being is more precious than all of humanity. If we respect this law, no massacre, no crime against humanity, no holocaust is possible.

Respect for others

Tolerance is not enough: tolerance means accepting differences with no enthusiasm, and leads to a possible change of opinions if these differences came to disturb us. Instead, the love of differences is to encourage others to be different from us and to encourage them to live their differences to the fullest, whether it be a different race, culture, religion, sexuality, or genetic difference. If all human beings looked the same, the world would be boring. The more people are different from me, the more I enrich myself. A rich humanity is humanity full of differences.


No form of violence is acceptable. Threats of violence must be punished as severely as violent acts, because it means that the one who utters the threats believes that violence can obtain just cause. We could use new techniques aimed to temporarily neutralize people who act violently, without killing them.

World Peace

We should abolish all the national armies in the world, and create a true worldwide government and a worldwide army, made up of soldiers who would be peace keepers on the planet. The governments must dedicate their military budgets for the fight against hunger in the world. They could organize telethons to raise money for their national army, but they would surely not raise much.


Every human being is entitled to food, shelter, proper clothing, and education, even though he doesn’t work. The one who works is entitled to luxury, a powerful motivational force, which is necessary for humanity to progress. This wealth being proportional to the work accomplished and the progress they allow society to make.


Democracy is the only means possible to get everyone’s vote for a new political system, in the hands of philosophers, scientists and people with « good common sense » like farmers, and people who act in wisdom.

The Importance of Human Rights

Many countries deserve a government based on respecting laws which condemn incitation to hatred against religious, philosophical or racial minorities. “No man shall be disturbed because of his religious or philosophical convictions”, an act from the Declaration of Human Rights. The religious minorities which need protection the most are not the Muslims, nor the traditional Christians, nor even the Jews (whose rights are all respected). The true religious minorities today are the ones which are singled out as “cults” by those who are disturbed by spiritual differences.  Any minority which obeys the law should be guaranteed freedom of expression by the Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution and the laws of their country. Religious freedom is fundamental, as is the right for religious minorities to live their spiritual life as they see fit, with respect and dignity. To avoid another medieval witch hunt like the Inquisition, which was the scene of terrible crimes, it is important to make sure that the Declaration of Human Rights are obeyed, as they guarantee the future of our civilization.


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