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1. Make the Earth a world of happiness and blossoming for all, without any distinction of race, gender, sexual orientation, philosophy or religion, culture or intellectual level.

2. Use all means to do so by using science, nanotechnologies, etc.

3. Abolish individual and collective violence, eliminate armies and weaponry.

4. Replace the right to work by the right to fulfillment.

5. Save the planet of an irremediable destruction through the lack of intelligence and altruism of the actual leaders.

6. Establish Paradism as soon as possible.


The Charter of the Worldwide Government should take up the goals and principles that the international organization promises to attain:

1.Creating a real-world government run by Wise, but that does not have power, and the guides will indicate the way forward. (See Remark)

2. - Creation of a common worldwide currency.

3. - Use of a common worldwide language.

4. – Organization of a unique army for the assertion of worldwide peace.

5. - Creation of a planetary common calendar replacing the Christian calendar used by the United Nations, which is linked to no religion (for instance, in reference to the date of creation of the UN (1948) – year 61 – or the date of dropping the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima (1945) which symbolizes the entrance in technological era – year 64 –). 1945 is also the entrance in a new age, the Age of the Aquarius, abandoning the Age of Pisces, Christian epoch.

6. – Support peace and international security through the education of the culture of peace.

7. – Promoting the abolition of the army and weaponry, decrease military spending.

8. – Prevention of international conflicts and peaceful resolution of the situations that could bring to a break of peace.

9. - Development of relations of friendship between nations on the basis of the respect of the principle of equality between States and the self-determination of the people.

10. – Promotion of economic and social worldwide collaboration.

11. – Promotion of the respect for the rights of the person and fundamental freedom for the benefit of all individuals.

12. – Promote the respect for human rights and the individual liberty of every human being.

13. – Reorganization of a new UN in EPO – Earth People Organization

14. – Regulate births to control the problem of overpopulation, we can only have one child per person. Overpopulation is a serious danger for the equilibrium of humanity.

15. – Absolute necessity of supporting financially and invest resources on scientific research, technology, nanotechnologies, telecommunications and promote university education.

16. - Creation of new collective forms of habitat.

17. - Encouraging arts and sports, canalizing physical violence in extreme sports, as a guarantee of peace and individual security.

18. Reform of school and university education, creation of special schools for the gifted and exceptionally gifted individuals.

19. A minimum income guaranteed for all human beings on the planet.

20. Give the opportunity to everyone to maintain a healthy physical and mental health thanks to a free social program.


Remark: Wise leaders are essential, their leadership is special and necessary for the good of all. They lead, as all good guides do - as Buddha or other spiritual guides, they show the way. The geniocratic system is organized so that leaders show the way. It does not mean they hold the power, they give some ideas that, perhaps, everybody can accept. It is the future: the world governed by the people. If there is no need for governments, therefore there wont be any. People call it anarchy, thinking that without power there would be only complete chaos. It is not true! In the future, humanity won’t need a government, but a geniocratic system. It is good and healthy to have a group of geniuses, clever people, who think together on the type of future that humanity can have and that introduce ideas that people can accept or not. But no more power, because power destroys freedom, creates violence, poverty and hunger. Collaboration is the future of humanity. All are going to work for the good of all, and this, without terrible poisons that oppress humanity: governments, police and laws. When humanity will get rid of governments, police and laws, this planet will become a paradise. Then Paradism will be implemented, and there will be no more money, it will be occur naturally. Money is the fruit of power and governments. The future of society is a future without money, because money is only a poison that is managed by our governments. Love it is to change society, so that each has food security and so that no one dies from hunger. It is our planet, our world, we must change it for a better future. Therefore, let’s get rid of any power, all governments, money and create a unified planet.


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