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The Movement for Paradism celebrate the end of labour on May 1

China's rising wages feed robotics boom...

Rael explains: "Why I support occupy wall street and a world revolution"

A worldwide government is more than ever necessary

We can change the world

What should the world government be like?

The government should rule the world actively

What the world government intends to do

Work equals slavery

Universal guaranteed income

Economics and politics. The single currency

He who controls money controls the world

The countries that give more will be better off!

Meritocracy and young people

School syllabuses

For a non-violent society. The only acceptable logic is: Love - humility - non violence


The human race

The Movements for Paradism celebrate the end of labour on May 1st

The Paradism movement (www.paradism.org) has declared May 1st International Day of paradism to celebrate the advent of a new society without work and money.

While many countries around the world recognise “International Labour Day” on May 1st, the Paradism movement will herald the coming of the “end of the labour”.

Paradism is a political & social system similar to communism but exempted of any form of proletariat. Paradism, a system that works without money or banks, was officially launched by Rael (www.rael.org) in 2009. Paradism is based on the future applications and use of new technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering, nanotechnology etc., used for the freeing and betterment of humanity. All forms of human labour can be replaced by robots, nanobots & computers.

It’s unacceptable to keep people enslaved in jobs that can now be performed by computers or other machines.

Workers already think their replacement by machines leads to more unemployment and poverty. But it doesn’t have to be that way if the machines are owned by the people.

This replacement by the machines doesn’t have to be at the expense of our quality of life.

The gains brought by productivity will have to be redistributed to all not the few.

Paradism answers the fearmongers who predict widespread poverty and austerity following the imminent fall of capitalism.

“There is no reason to fall into poverty with the level of technology we have now,” says Rael,. “In this era of technological progress, science should totally free human beings from the slavery of work, allowing them to devote themselves solely to personal fulfilment in a society that ensures that all needs will be met for free.”

China's rising wages feed robotics boom...Rael comment

RAEL COMMENT  : soon no workers at all will be required in totally automatised corporations, with even computers selling over the internet their products.Then we reach a level where huge capitalists can create companies making and selling products without any human workforce. The only problem is that if thanks to this great technology there is no more job, then there is no salaries, the nobody will have the money to buy any product. The only way out is Paradism, where these new technologies are used without any workforce or any money, then the products are distributed freely to all Human beings.It s the end of capitalism. see www.paradism.org


Rael explains: “Why I support ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and a World Revolution

Rael commented on Niall Ferguson’s recent book, “Civilization: The West and the Rest,” calling it “perfectly accurate” and praising the quality of the author’s analysis.

In a recent interview, Ferguson, Harvard’s Tisch Professor of History, described the extraordinary reversal of economic fortune between “the West and the Rest,” and explained that Western predominance is ending on our watch. As an example, he cited Europe’s attempt last week to obtain a bailout from China. In that attempt, the head of the European Financial Stability Fund flew to Beijing seeking Chinese investors willing to prop up European finances.

After hearing of this, Rael said, “It’s time for all the ex-colonized countries around the world to take revenge on the West. After all, it’s pure justice that the Asian peoples who represent almost half of humanity would dominate the world instead of the United States, which represents only 5 percent of the world’s population, or instead of the ex-colonizing countries – the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal – which together represent even less than the United States.”

He added, “The only superiority of these ex-colonizers was to use brutal and barbaric force and use scientific provisional advances to enslave and pillage the whole world. And they are still doing it in Africa!”

Rael said that while he welcomes the fall of the West, he is concerned about the possibility of a third world war.

“Let’s hope that the Western powers being humiliated economically by their ex-victims will not use their only remaining advantage, i.e., their military superiority – especially their nuclear superiority – to try to reverse the situation by creating a third world war, which is the only solution to save the dollar and the euro. Thankfully, but sadly, China, India and Russia are also nuclear powers, and they are quickly modernizing their defenses. Any attempt by the West to invade them, as some warmongers in the U.S. military would like to see, will be not only a world catastrophe, but also a terrible defeat for the West, which will never recover and be relegated to a Third World level of development. Six hundred million financially broken Westerners are no match for 3 billion rich Asians.”

In his final remarks, Rael said he still hopes that peace will prevail, and that as just punishment for its past crimes, the West will humbly accept its status as the new underdeveloped world. He added that he hopes that the West will decide to promote a world government rather than make war, and that as a prelude to paradism (see www.paradism.org) such a government would consist of a federation of totally independent, human-sized provinces.

“The only obstacle to this Paradism is the greed of the super rich and the banks, who want to keep the superior power their stolen wealth gives them while they enslave the vast majority,” Rael concluded. “That's why I totally support the OWS movement and a new, total world revolution.”

A worldwide government is more than ever necessary

A group of environmental scientists and economists recently published in the respectable “Science” magazine an article telling more than ever that “crisis for which man is responsible exceed our capacities to confront them”. These researchers named energy, food and water crisis, climatic changes, fishing in decline, the oceans acidification, emergent diseases and increase resistance to antibiotics are examples of actual serious problems on a worldwide scale and resulting from the acceleration of human activity. They also said that individual nations are unable to solve the type of worldwide challenges they are confronted with.

This is proof of the necessity of a worldwide government more than ever and it is in fact the only way to save humanity, not only to save it from  “climatic changes, fish shortages and resistance to antibiotics” as they said, but a the most dangerous threat to mankind: weapons of mass destruction and the military. There is another risk about which they do not speak of and that can be worse: overpopulation and those who advocate it such as primitive religions, the Catholic Church and speeches of the pope who ask people not to use birth control methods and abortion, but to make as many babies as possible. In fact, these primitive religions are prisoner of their “holy books” which ask humans to have as many babies as possible. And given that it is the “word of God” it cannot be changed by the pope.... so that nothing will ever change, even if we are dying because of overpopulation, with two layers of human beings on Earth, they cannot say the opposite, because “God asked humanity to multiply”...


We can change the world

The faster we change the old system the better we'll apreciate the new one. Our society is evolving and we are all aware that we cannot go back and that the past has not contributed that much to create  better life conditions. Therefore the only thing to do is go ahead and accept novelty, in spite of all possible rising doubts. The world will always change, it is in man's nature. What is important is to become aware that each change can improve  human conditions. Coming from a primitive world we'll inevitably move towards a fantastic world; in order to achieve it, we must convince ourselves that only change can improve this planet, because changing is always enriching. The best way to create the future is to create it. We, free people of the internet, can make the difference.

What should the world government be like?

The world government should be neutral as far as  current policies are concerned. The actual political system, due to its absolutist character, demonstrates a certain ambiguity to get rid of politics itself,  with the possible tendency to become a dictatorship. All those who wish the general welfare and the best for all, can participate in the initial formation of the first Temporary Virtual World Government. We from the Earth People Organisation intend to act in the execution of this first World Government in order to raise awareness about the need to make an inevitable change in the history of this planet, because at this rate we risk stagnation, which is far more risky than any other change. We believe that the formation of a world government will be the only chance for the planet to enter an era of brotherhood, prosperity and happiness.  Otherwise, given the situation today, there will be inevitable disasters and a huge loss of valuable time. Current policies, yielding to fear-generated community emotions, are stuffed with excessive nationalism.  This is reflected internationally and is the cause of tensions, economic crises, the risk of nuclear war or any other conflict.

Personal and even political interests are the very cause of this situation. There is a lack of awareness of the need to feel united and work together for the common good which is the main purpose of this project called the World Government.  We are confident that the events, the more and more frequent economic crises, dramatically adverse to humanity, will induce politicians and wealthy people to make drastic choices, often dangerous, given their lack of wisdom. Politicians increasingly demonstrate their inability to manage and the rich will gradually lose their power. In this situation man does not create events, events create man. Actually the evils of the world have created ideal conditions for us to refuse being bullied by those who, from their thrones and their power, do not understand us. We want to create a new world, therefore it is necessary to feel united in one ideal that gathers together the majority of men and women on this planet  into a worldwide program that takes into serious account both our happiness and freedom.

The word "Love" has always been ignored by politicians themselves; it is time for us to start using it more often until it becomes part of our common language. Love is the most amazing demonstration of intelligence and understanding towards our human fellows. The differences between cultures or religions should not create divisions, we must be convinced that only love can save the planet.  Love, on which our future policy is partly based, is the force that holds the peoples on earth together.  Previous generations made numerous mistakes at the expense of humanity,  now our generation can make the difference. We can turn this planet into a real paradise. The opportunities are here, due to science.  Only science will lead us to Paradism, the system that will free man from the yoke of work first, and then from money. Our future is faced with a choice: either love will prevail or it will be the end of all. The power of the world government is not based on dissuasion,  threats or punishment.  Its authority derives from the world’s need for fairness and justice on the one hand and an alternative management to organize this planet on the other. It has no territorial ambitions or war plans and does not propose to assume the functions pertaining to the existing governments.  The World Government will lay the foundations for a gradual political change, necessary for the good of this planet.  The world government will not take the place of any nationalistic government. It is based on a dialectical approach to world issues. Which implies what follows:

The government should rule the world actively

It must be practical and effective in its functioning.  A government worthy of its name must achieve positive results so that life on earth, presently full of helpless suffering, becomes less humiliating.  The World Government must be careful not to get involved in a labyrinth of overt actions likely to create rivalry and division. In order to avoid war, ensure collective safety, enable coexistence and social development, it will have to vouch for the world’s welfare and its authority will not be questioned.

What the world government intends to do

First, it proposes to establish a completely new world view on the world problems. It will act as a world citizen representing the public interest and the good of all.

lt will consistently act for the happiness of its fellow men with the same wisdom that characterizes it. In order to be called a sovereign citizen of the world it is necessary to join the noble idea that the true human value is to love human beings,  knowing that everyone tries to do their best. We believe that some truths are self-evident:  that all men are created equal and endowed with certain inalienableRights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The World Government will help the world citizens to feel as brothers and work together to make this planet a paradise.

Work equals slavery

One of the worst aspects of the present culture is to pretend that it is the best, which it is not. People are asked to work six days a week. All of them have to. But no one seems to realise that we are robbed of the only life we have; we will not have another one. We are unique and our life is invaluable; though we only have this one, they make us work six days out of seven and we are supposed to build our lives in only one day. Time passes and we inexorably get older and older up to the moment when we cannot change anything anymore. We are so trapped in the cage that, if one day the door opens, we will not want to move out of it. We are so afraid of change that we prefer to remain locked up in our barren cage.  Logically, as the number of technologies is increasing, human labour should be decreasing, but it does not happen that way.  We are asked to give more and more to enrich one single person, the boss, and the simple knowledge that we must be grateful to him is utterly monstrous, but if production were to decline we would be the first to be fired. Some say the current system is now irreversible, and this response is typical of those who defend their oppressors,  those who are no longer able to imagine being free from all forms of slavery. We should always help each other and rejoice in other people’s happiness, not despise them. Life can be happy and beautiful but somehow we forgot what it could be like. Greed, power and money have plunged the world into hatred and intolerance, making us cynical and evil, capable of  the most despicable things.  We are the victims of a system that requires people to hate, torture and hurt others. We need kindness, understanding and respect; without these virtues, life is but violence. Fortunately, the greed that commands us is just a passing evil; it will disappear just as dictators will.

After a lifetime of hard work, here comes retirement, strictly subjected to a system based on work, whose motto is:  "You have worked all your life and now that you are old, therefore not fully active and no longer exploitable because close to death, you deserve to rest" . When we are owned by someone and  forced to work, we become slaves.  We are owned by the company we work for. It gives us just enough to survive. Just like the slaves of the past who were given food and shelter, today’s workers are slaves.  There was a time when slaves were locked up in cages to be controlled. Now, instead of cages, they use credit. Thirty years of slavery to pay your own house. For 30 years you cannot escape, you are trapped. Each month you pay for your car, home or any other property...The government and advertising agencies have turned us all into slaves. Aren't you tired of that? Everyone thinks it's impossible to escape this system but everything is possible. We are aware that work is a form of forced prostitution for money but thanks to a guaranteed minimum income we will be able to meet our basic needs and have a decent life without having to work. Those who will continue to do so, will do so by choice, to increase their income for personal satisfaction.

Economic crises are the scales of this system, dangerously weighing on the side of those who no longer have jobs.  A society based on  work has no hope of safe continuity. Technologies are making great strides and companies will need less and less labour force since robots work better, make no mistakes, are not affected by diseases or entitled to holidays and even less to wages. The reduction of labour will force society to gradually reduce working hours until total disappearance.  It is happening now very quickly. We do not need to work, we don’t need money, either.  Robots, computers and nanotechnology combined together can do all that we do, even better than we can.  Surgery is a good example: robots are often better surgeons. If computers can do our jobs, we do not need to work.  And because robots do not need to be paid, we do not need money any more. We can enjoy all for free if we muster and organize ourselves to reach these goals.  Believe it or not, all this will happen!

Robots are programmed to:

- evolve, ensure maintenance and produce solutions to all our needs and desires.

Nano-robots will:

- produce food for the population

- meet energy needs

- replace manual labor by that of robots

- replace intellectual work by the use of information science.

- organize urban management

Once money is suppressed, so are corruption, crime and the production of weapons.  There will be no more reasons for any criminal to steal or kill for money or for any company to manufacture  weapons for war or personal use since there will be no profit.  Criminal organizations, drug trafficking and prostitution, in short, all those illegal occupations which today are rising in order to make easy money, will disappear.

Money is eliminated if work is eliminated

You may ask yourself what we will do if we do not work.

We shall devote our lives to ourselves, to meditation, to discover new philosophies, to our pleasure and hobbies, sports and art. We will be able to help and assist others;  in short, we will indulge in everything that we like and that produces pleasure, given the fact that we were created for this.

We will even have the opportunity to  work by creating, inventing, doing research and making new discoveries,  all for the sole purpose of helping others and giving them pleasure, thus allowing society to move forward and live better.

Everything done for free is done better, with a mind free from the obligation to work to ensure the basic needs  for when we have no problems on our mind, we become more creative.

New technologies will reach  a point when we can do whatever we want.

For example the film Avatar, winner of several Academy Awards, was created with computers. These are being refined and developed more and more, and soon there will be new directors like Cameron who will create films that will be wonders, without the need for actors. You do not have to worry about this; all in good time, for now just worry about what we can do today  for tomorrow’s welfare. We can only choose between two options: either remain stuck to the present situation with all its problems, wallowing in increasingly disastrous economic crises, with the possible risk of a nuclear war, or believe in the possibility of an alternative that will be easily achievable and that can bring hope to this planet. We cannot despair for it is our sole life; we can change it. There are people on this planet that can make the difference;  they can help us.

The people has the power to transform our society into a new world, to give young people what we could not get. Let’s fight for a better, more reasonable world, where happiness reigns, unchallenged. Tyrants, dictators and politicians, all have only one fear: the people, the people who has the power to turn the lives of all into something more beautiful  and make a wonderful adventure out of it.

We can free the world from its boundaries and barriers, from greed, hatred and intolerance through democracy; let's create a world of reason, a world where science and progress will give all men welfare and happiness. Dreams can come true: where there is a will, there is a way. You are given a choice on this site. The first step is to believe in the programmes and this projects .

Universal guaranteed income

This is a paradigm shift. It's the first step to help all citizens of the world to live a happier life. This minimum universal guaranteed income is (will be) paid to all without any obligation to work or any compensation, a sum sufficient to live and participate in social life.  All other private income, mostly derived from labor, will be added to this minimum income.  Receiving this unique value income, regardless of their work income, will  help everyone to meet their basic needs, that is to have a house, food and clothing. This would make individuals free to manage their lives as they like and live a  happier life, without being burdened with basic problems. The basic guaranteed income becomes a civil right. When a baby is born then we will be able to proudly welcome it to Earth!”. This strengthens the humaneness of the systems on the planet.  Our scientific and technological advance allows us to envisage possible changes in the working world because progress will free man from slaving at  work.  Man has the ability to be more creative when he is not subject to forced work for his basic needs.  We shall  put an end to unemployment, poverty and  hunger. Work will become less expensive in terms of wasted effort and will value quality. There will be increased social commitment along with increasing volunteering. No one will be forced to work, unless for their own pleasure, to achieve their goals.  All work will be more appreciated and there will be work for all, according to schedules that each one will specify.  It will pave the way toParadism.

This income is based on three fundamental points:

1 – It is unconditional and non-transferable (as opposed to the unemployment allowance, conditional on finding a job);

2 – It can be combined with an earned income;

3 – It is granted to each individual and not to the family, so as to promote the autonomy of everyone.

Economics and politics. The single currency

The single currency is a project that it is urgent to work on and must seriously be thought of; we are still far from a single world currency, but we are living in a time when it is heatedly discussed. The single currency as a priority is an idea already being taken into account at a high level. The Central Bank of China has expressed an interest in it, as well as other countries like Russia, Brazil and Japan and, to a certain extent, France and Germany.. The only obstacle to this reform is the USA who obviously do not want to lose their status as an international dominant country trading worldwide with the dollar. The creation of a single world currency, as economy experts say, is a prerequisite for a management by a world government, on the same line as what happened in Europe. Thus it is inevitable and necessary to think of a world government. For the past few years we have seen banks, automobile trusts and large companies merging with one another and work together to survive the crisis and the challenge of the global market. This also applies to the currencies that will merge so that local economies can survive under globalization. It will be a necessary step before finally getting to the suppression of money thanks to new technologies, especially the use of nanotechnology as envisaged in Paradism. The single currency is necessary to prevent the collapse of the financial system that would be the prelude to World War III. The current economic crisis should serve as a wake-up call to motivate  Society to operate a change that should not be too dramatic. The World is dominated by money and economic interests; economic power comes before political power.

Economics controls politics and not vice versa. So economics may be a wedge to push important change through. Besides, the economy field is more flexible and quicker than the political sphere, thus changes may be better accepted by society and facilitate our work. Let’s take the example of Europe which should be a political and economic entity. The economical side of it is being handled  well, (single market, single currency, free movement of goods.), But as far as the political side is concerned we are far from achieving a European government. When it comes to political decisions, Europe does not speak with one voice; every state has its opinion and the each country‘s national pride is still very strong instead. Isn’t that normal when politics is currently led by incompetent people from another age, who are not capable of “anticipating”, that is to say “governing”?

Meanwhile the World Economy spotlights young people, more likely to make changes. Everything is happening very quickly. The economy is crumbling, but we should not be scared because it will lead to a world without money or work. People are worried when they hear that some banks have failed. Each time it happens, we should rejoice! What is happening is inevitable: a world rid of money, of politicians, military and violence, a world where we can enjoy life and give love. It's happening because the monetary system is collapsing. We are experiencing the most exciting moment in the entire history of humanity. This situation will inevitably bring new changes, a transformation that will benefit all of us if we are able to make the right choices. What we are going to experience  will produce a series of substantial modifications within the current political, social and economic systems. It will require an uncommon visionary political management, run by impartial people: the wise, the geniuses, the artists, those who have an exclusively philanthropic attitude. The problems facing mankind are much more important than those who created them, namely the current politicians and economists who have demonstrated their inability to anticipate, because governing is anticipating. The single world currency and the formation of a world government are now a bit less than a utopia and a bit more than a hope.

He who controls money controls the world

"Banking institutions with the power to create and issue currency, are more dangerous than an army under arms," said Thomas Jefferson (1801) a scientist and 3rd president of the United States. The bankers of the central banks like the Federal Reserve, the ECB and national central banks are working together to create a single economic power through the creation of a World Government. That would create a global police state that would have the power of control. Most people have no idea that these bankers, private and hence non-elected, actually control the political system of each country and the world economy as a whole. They finance and profit from all the wars with no regard for humanity. This is why the World Government that we want to carry out must come from the people, before it is made up by the banking power and manipulated, narrow-minded politicians. The Virtual World Government is more important than we can imagine. If millions of participants raise their voices, through a government elected by the people and composed of wise men and women, no other government ( politically-elected through the intentions and manoeuvers of the banking power) will be able to take over, so the people will feel secure.

The countries that give more will be better off!

Nowadays, national governments drastically limit the finances and the freedom of action of researchers, thereby demonstrating their lack of foresight, due to profit and diverse interests: ideological, financial, military or religious. This is only the beginning of a fierce competition between the dying states of the world economy and the beginning of their financial collapse. Nations should offer more advantages to talented entrepreneurs and scientists. The countries that offer more will attract the best people from anywhere on the planet by making it easier for them  to get visas but it will be far from sufficient. Income tax exemption, tax exemptions for companies, and even financial aid and grants should be included. Supposing, for this purpose, that a country decided to use even half of the money wasted on its military budget, it would be ahead of all other nations. We are at a turning point in the evolution of civilization. Those who favour talent will prevail whereas those who favour the useless military power will lose. This will be a wonderful change for humanity.

Meritocracy and young people

Young people, among them the best, are at a disadvantage owing to the crisis. We do not want young people to remain a voiceless generation. It is only fair that those who have invested more in learning and skills should get better results. Our current society is divided, quarrelsome, individualistic, ready to forget the minimum values of solidarity and honesty, for purely personal and party purposes. Ours is an immobile society, which unfortunately does not acknowledge the merit of the best. As today there is no meritocracy, the World Government does its best to find talents that will contribute, according to the young people’s specializations, to make humanity happier. The most capable individuals must  find the right place to contribute concretely to the welfare on this planet. As human beings we are all equal but our talents are different. And this is what we must admire and reward.

School syllabuses

Young people are being trained according to a syllabus that will be totally out of date once they have completed their studies. This is serious! Young people are increasingly aware of it. What they are being taught is ten years old. It does not correspond to the labor market or the needs of companies. What is taught to young people does not match the jobs that will exist tomorrow. Young people spend hours learning shorthand and how to use a keyboard, and at the same time computers without keyboards, equipped with a voice-recording, direct screen–writing  programme, are being created.. Students are always taught what we used to do but this cannot prepare them for the future. What we must teach them is what will be done tomorrow. We must teach hope to young people. Let’s tell them the beauty of skilfulness, of finding something that stimulates our brain and mind and gives us the will to live.  If the history books were well done, they would include one hundred pages on Gandhi, Buddha, and Jesus. They would mention all those who worked for peace, for the understanding of peoples, races, ethnic groups and individuals. Only one page would consider the crimes of Napoleon, Hitler, Julius Caesar or Attila. Unfortunately, the murderers of humanity are shown as heroes. They fill the history of all the countries in the world: they are our heroes although their heroism is based on a logic of violence and nothing but violence. The only true heroes that our humanity should quote as examples are Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King and all those who tried to elevate humanity and to suppress barriers by giving their lives: "Do not fight, do not be violent, love each other". The figures of the great geniuses and the great wise people, who have advanced humanity so far, should be enhanced. Then young people will have models that will first make them feel important and useful and also bring them the well-being necessary to improve human conditions on our planet. Read, study and understand. The more questions one asks about any subject, the more intelligent one becomes as the brain develops through questions.

For a non-violent society. The only acceptable logic is: Love - humility - non violence

Nothing justifies violence, not even freedom. When you are humble, you cannot become a military
or a warrior, either. Absolute non-violence comes from humility. Who am I to dare impose my will on others? Who am I? Nothing but a little of dust. We are all a little of dust, but conscious dust capable of realizing that we are infinity becoming aware of itself. We human beings are the intelligence of infinity, because infinity becomes clever only through a brain that thinks and feels. Humility is the most important virtue of all. We are told that we must accept the sacrifice of some people, however monstrous it sounds. This seems normal to those who have put their finger into a logic of violence: they think they have saved lives by taking other lives. Why should some people have the right to live to the detriment of others? Propaganda, perpetual propaganda promoting violence that is increasingly spreading and will spread on and on, because it has become a standard solution for the whole world. It will spread among the younger generations because it is the only example offered to them.
But if wisdom still exists we must remember that nothing can justify the death of one man. Whatever happens, even if we are told to do so to save the planet, we must not kill anyone, because if we can kill one human being then we can kill one million.

The so-called civilized countries in fact are not civilized at all, for them civilisation is synonymous with the military. A society is either civil or military: it cannot be both things at the same time. If it is militarized, it follows a military logic and  punishes: "If you don't do what I want, I‘ll punish you." But if it is civilized it teaches a lesson: "What you do is evil, reprehensible and I'm going to explain to you why" and if the person does not understand because he has too weak a conscience and that makes him harm people, society will help by treating him. Violence, hatred, murder may originate from a hormonal imbalance and from a physio-chemical imbalance of the gland that our brain is. A gland inside us that can make us give out love or hate. Loving is the right functioning of a human brain. A brain that does not give love is a disturbed one.

A brain that emits hatred and violence is an abnormal brain as regards its hormonal and electrochemical exchanges; it's the reason why its conscience decreases until it cannot feel love any longer and eventually disappears. Consciousness is chemistry, physiochemistry. Non-violence and love will triumph for ever; we must be patient. It is true that some died to defend this idea and we must accept their sacrifice. This kind of people knows the risks they run;  they have made a choice. Protecting life and never fighting it is every man’s duty on Earth; by acting in numerous ways without violence but vigorously without violence but firmly. At the moment, despite our aggressiveness, our lack of love and compassion for our fellow human beings, it would be totally discouraging not to find a wise solution, Gandhi said: "I will not raise a hand on anything that is living, I will have truth triumph without violence." The Earth needs non-violence and love. War will never stop until love replaces hatred and overcomes violence, until man agrees to turn the other cheek. The Earth deserves to be saved and only love can do that. The life of a single human being is more important than the whole humanity; no reason whatsoever can justify the death of a single human being. No life can be taken in the name of any cause! Even Muhammad said so, but his message was ignored. We must protect and help, especially those who do harm, because they don't know what they do. This is what love is: self-sacrifice based on the sacred principle that it is better to give one’s own life rather than take someone else’s, even if one is threatened to be killed. Which, in most cases, does not happen because there are always other ways. If someone told us to kill a man in order to save humanity, we should refuse. We must always refuse to obey an order that puts people in danger or hurts someone. We must always refuse to obey an order that is against our conscience and the Human Rights. Every man who carries out an order is deemed responsible for his actions as much as the man who gave the order.
Supporting that "Might is right" is the opposite of wisdom.There is a pervading violence in our world full of an appaling mental confusion. We are preparing a generation of people that likewise will be appaling. They are likely to be terribly unbalanced because to them violence will seem commonplace, since they will be used to having it around.
The Germans who became Nazis and massacred Jews, homosexuals and gypsies, were not necessarily basically bad. One day they entered a dreadful logic, a reasoning that seemed so consistent to them that they joined the system without rebelling, thinking instead that they were doing the right thing and serving the right cause.
However, you can become peace guardians, because it is important that there should be individuals- they could be former soldiers- maintaining  peace against the unbalanced and the demented, not sentencing them to capital punishment but taking care of them. What we need is a small world force of peace guardians ; we no longer want military who conquer by force. It is a complete aberration and we know where it has led many people on Earth.
Cloning is condemned and laws are made to ban it without knowing its advantages. Mass destruction weapons have long been used, thousands of them, and yet there is no law against them. This shows how primitive politicians are. There is no law against something that we know well, something that was tested in Hiroshima, Japan. We know how devastating it can be and yet there is no law against it! We live in a very strange world but science along with wisdom will ultimately overcome.The World Government will undertake disarmament to make this world safer and the money will be spent on scientific research, technology, nanotechnology and  telecommunications.


Science must be used to serve Man and free him, not to destroy or alienate him. The World Government will unconditionally encourage science when it is used for life and for good. We are fanatically against violence and for us the mere fact of making a gun is more terrible than making a clone. A clone is life, a gun is manufactured to kill. We are fanatically against all forms of violence and a civilized world must be a world of communication, understanding and  tolerance.Tolerance is not sufficient, we have to help people to remain different, as much as possible, in their ways of thinking, different in their philosophies, their religions, their different ethnic groups, their traditions.This is wonderful. We are therefore in favour of science, because science helps us have a better world where people can love each other. We must understand that we are biologically different and that the more differences there are, the richer humanity is.The discrepancy between the knowledge of the people and the knowledge of scientists is reducing thanks to science, which will help humanity become what it needs to be, once it is cleared of primitive taboos. Eternal life will be the one that comes out of laboratories and not the one of primitive beliefs. Scientists are leading men in a process of incredible growth, they do not even realize it. Science can make all our dreams come true, including the most beautiful of all: the end of death. The acceleration of science is such that soon more than all that was invented in the whole history of humanity will be invented in only one day. We are  reaching a point where science knows an awful lot and an awful lot of people will have  the knowledge. Demystified Science will make us experience the greatest dream of mankind, the dream of a paradise. Our religion will be science and science will be a religion: it is our mission. Science generates love and health, religion often causes imbalance and violence. Beliefs bring hatred, segregation, violence and war. Science brings love. Hitler once said "Gott mit uns" meaning "God with us". God can be the opposite of love. Science won’t. Science is a process that allows consciousness to evolve and to explain the imperfection of the world. There is hypocrisy in those who are against science because they take advantage of it every day without realizing it. They cannot see and have forgotten where they come from.
Science and love are the foundations of the philosophy of theWorld Government for science is the only way for humanity to survive on this planet. However, science will be the key for survival only if it respects life at all levels. Love, consciousness and science: we can not have one without the other two. We cannot have consciousness if we do not have love and science, we cannot have love if we do not have conscience or science, we cannot have science if we do not have love and conscience.
The scientists around the world who live in Moscow, New York or Beijing are all the same because they share one and only passion: the pursuit of knowledge. They have only one goal: to advance humanity to ensure a better future. We invite all the scientists not to allow politicians and their military to take possession of their work to serve their own purposes. Always remember what Einstein said: "If only I had known." Well, they know now and can withdraw their knowledge from politicians and their military, before it gets into their hands. For the World Government scientists can make the creation of means to render weapons ineffective an absolute priority! We invite all scientists to find ways to protect us against the effects of their inventions. We invite them all to take the reins of their knowledge and those of humanity, at the same time.
Science opens the path to happiness. It allows us to have some free time in order to live better, to have fun and to blossom. Paradism will be its result. The World Government will support and invest everything in science because science will be the only major challenge to achieve the common goals which, through robotics, nanotechnology, the phasing out of work/money and the well being of Humanity, will be identified with Paradism.

The human race

All the countries that invest in human potential, without limiting immigration, whatever the race or the country of origin, will be winners, giving way to the creation of a new unified human race. It is already happening in several countries, it is a wonderful trend that will gradually help destroy nations and nationalists who are the main causes of wars. For a unified world, all the countries should accept more immigrants. Sweden has opened its doors to immigrants, without any limits: this is a good lesson for such countries as Korea, Japan and Italy which, having a significantly declining birth rate, are inciting couples to have more children, rather than accept immigrants. This policy is outrageous, racist and chauvinistic. In other words, their policy "no immigration, but try to have more children of our own race" is dangerous. It is a real shame for these countries and their governments. All countries should promote contraception and also open their borders to more immigrants. This is the way to achieve a wonderful mix of the human race and move toward a world government, without that exasperating nationalism which is a result of past racist cultures.


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